Days Gone Made Over $100 Million in Digital Sales Alone

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Days Gone Deserved Better Treatment From PlayStation!

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  • Days Gone has made over $100 million in digital sales on PlayStation.
  • It sold over 2.7 million units on the platform.
  • When counting physical and PC sales, the total units sold come out to around 9 million.

Days Gone is considered one of the most underrated PlayStation exclusives. Despite PlayStation’s refusal to green-light a sequel, it had various outstanding elements at release that are now gaining recognition.

According to a new report, the game was far from a financial failure. It made over $100 million in digital sales.

Why it matters: Days Gone is an odd case since it seemingly did nothing wrong. Despite the impressive sales numbers, PlayStation was less than impressed with this first-party release.

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This data comes from Insomniac Games’ recent leak, which revealed digital sales data for all PlayStation Store games till mid-2023. According to the leak, Days Gone has over 2.7 million sales on the storefront.

Following its launch, the title was made available for free on PS Plus in 2021. Still, it continued to perform well and achieved nearly more than 9 million sales across all platforms, including Steam.

According to the leak, Days Gone made more revenue than critically acclaimed releases like Uncharted 4 on the PlayStation Store. However, Sony eventually rejected the sequel.

Days Gone Featured
Days Gone was a mixed bag, but its strengths were quite remarkable.

However, years later, the appreciation for this release has multiplied. It sits at very positive reviews on Steam with almost 60K reviews. Combining the financial success with a healthy reception, Days Gone more than deserved a sequel.

The demand for the sequel became so popular that it even led to a petition by the fans with over 210K signatures. While a sequel no longer seems possible, Bend Studio is working on a AAA live service game using similar gameplay mechanics.

Days Gone told the story of Deacon St. John and tried to break into the already saturated zombie genre. Perhaps this was part of its failure since audiences were already tired of the tried-and-true zombie game.

Still, for those who gave it a chance, there was a surprisingly fun game underneath the basic concept. This is exactly why this title remains relevant despite Sony’s assistance on ignoring the IP.

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