Days Gone 2 Petition Reaches 210K Signatures As Fans Demand Sequel

Still Plenty of Demand For Days Gone 2!

Story Highlights
  • Days Gone was one of the weaker first-party releases from PlayStation’s last generation.
  • A petition was created in 2021 to demand a sequel for the game.
  • This petition continues to receive new sign-ups to this day, reaching over 211K signatures.

PlayStation was firing on all cylinders last generation. Its console business was more successful than ever, PS Plus subscribers continued to grow, and first-party studios released one hit after another.

However, a few games still failed to hit the mark. Among those, Days Gone was perhaps the most notable. While Bend Studio has already moved on from this IP, a petition for Days Gone 2 is still gaining traction, reaching over 210K signatures.

Why it matters: Days Gone, while being one of PlayStation’s least successful AAA releases last generation, developed an avid fanbase that wants to see the franchise grow with more entries.

Days Gone Open World

This petition was initially created as early as 2021. Two years after Days Gone was released, the game was ported to PC, reportedly selling at least 8 million units by early 2022.

By mid-2022, Bend Studio confirmed that it had shifted focus toward an original online game using Days Gone’s systems. However, since then, the petition has exploded in popularity, currently adding up to 211,309 signatures.

The petition continues to receive new sign-ups, with several users voicing their hopes for Days Gone 2 in the last few hours alone. Like the fans, director Jeff Ross hoped to see a sequel to the game.

In fact, this petition received significantly more attention after the director asked fans to rally in support of Days Gone. Still, despite the petition’s consistent popularity, a sequel is unlikely to ever happen.

Leaked documents have revealed that Bend Studio faced the choice to create Days Gone 2 or an Uncharted sequel in 2020. The studio picked neither option, deciding to try something entirely different instead.

Days Gone

Much like the fans, we would also love to see Days Gone 2. The game may not have measured up to the success of games like God of War and Horizon Zero Dawn, but its systems presented a unique gameplay loop rarely found in open-world sandboxes.

With a sequel, Bend Studio could have pushed these systems, making for a much better game than the first Days Gone. Fans yearn to see these systems expanded, rushing toward this petition in hopes of reviving this series.

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