Days Gone Dev Considered Making Uncharted 5 In 2020

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Uncharted 5 Was Almost A Thing!

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  • Naughty Dog has claimed that Uncharted was concluded after the fourth game, and it does not see a sequel for the IP.
  • However, a leaked slide from 2020 shows that Bend Studio could have made another game since it was considering this option.
  • The developer previously worked on Uncharted: Golden Abyss, a spin-off for the PS Vita.

The Uncharted franchise has been left dormant since 2017. What was once among PlayStation’s best first-party releases every few years is now a remnant of the past, with Naughty Dog confirming it moved on after Uncharted 4.

However, had things gone a bit differently, PlayStation may have released another Uncharted by now. Leaked slides reveal that Bend Studio, the team behind Days Gone, was looking to create a new Uncharted game in 2020.

Why it matters: There is still demand for more content in the IP, with fans recently asking Naughty Dog to remake the original games if it did not intend to create new content for the IP.

Uncharted 3 Naughty Dog

A Redditor has shared a screenshot from the recent Insomniac leaks. The image shows that Bend Studio and Sony considered a sequel to Days Gone and Uncharted for the team’s next project.

While we believe the former’s cancelation was a massive missed opportunity, the latter not coming to fruition is equally disappointing. What makes this so interesting is the fact that Bend Studio already worked on the Uncharted IP in the past.

Apart from Naughty Dog, this was the only team to experiment with the IP, albeit with the lower-end hardware of the PS Vita. Still, this game was considered one of the better offerings of the handheld, likely giving PlayStation the confidence to provide the team with a AAA budget for Days Gone.

According to the slide, the team would have needed around 80 new employees for Uncharted compared to 30 for Days Gone 2. Therefore, the former would have been a more ambitious undertaking with a higher budget.

Uncharted Nathan Drake Collection

Ultimately, neither project could see the light of day, but we feel a new game for Uncharted is long overdue.

Bend Studio is currently using the mechanics of Days Gone for a live-service title. According to speculation, Naughty Dog may also be collaborating with a PlayStation team from San Diego on a beloved IP, possibly Uncharted.

Apart from these interesting facts, the leak revealed more details about a Venom spin-off from Insomniac. Following the leak, the studio recently released a statement confirming that it will continue to move ahead with its current projects despite the recent setback.

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