Starfield Received Most Coverage of Any Game in 2023

Over 53K Articles Written About Starfield!

Story Highlights
  • Starfield came out on 6 September, but the game had already garnered attention before this date.
  • Due to the names of Bethesda and Xbox being associated with the RPG, the media took a lot of interest in the game.
  • Following high expectations, Starfield became 2023’s most-covered game in the industry.

Despite a few concerns, Xbox did a great job marketing its first-party games this year. As the biggest Xbox Series S|X exclusive and Bethesda’s most ambitious project, Starfield attracted a wave of curiosity and anticipation.

Whatever the game’s current perception may be, Microsoft’s strategy of marketing the RPG to the masses was an undeniable success. According to a report, Starfield has become the most covered game of 2023.

Why it matters: This report highlights that people were the most curious about this game in 2023, motivating media outlets and the press to cover each small detail revealed before and after the launch.


Statistics provided by Gamesindustry highlight that Starfield came out on top as the most discussed game of 2023. As of now, 53,097 articles have been written for the game across different websites.

The data was provided by ICO via Footprints, based on data from over 18,000 websites. Other games on the list include Diablo 4 and Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, with 51,363 and 39,330 articles, respectively.

A game like Spider-Man 2 received half as much coverage as Starfield, with 25,739 articles. What’s interesting is that we have also covered the game extensively, with a total of 134 articles discussing various parts of the title.

Like everyone else, we have discussed the game’s performance, the 30FPS debate, and the pros and cons of the game, in addition to the latest trends about its concurrent player numbers on Steam.

Throughout the year, the RPG was in the spotlight. With coverage like interviews, gameplay previews, and reviews, Starfield was the talking point of the industry for many months.

Since the game came from one of the pioneers of Western RPGs, it was bound to be a heavily covered game from the beginning. The addition of Xbox’s name only added fuel to the fire, leading to unparalleled attention from various outlets.


Todd Howard has also said that the game is made to be played for years, and there will be more updates in the future. Therefore, the streak of articles is not going to end here.

Having followed the game extensively for over a year, we believe it offers beautiful visuals and lots of planets. However, its dated game design and technical flaws hold it back from becoming something greater than a typical Bethesda RPG.

Nonetheless, players continue to dive into Starfield. Reaching more than 12 million players, very few games can boast the numbers that Bethesda has achieved this year.

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