Marvel’s Blade Targeting 2027 Release Window, Insider Claims

Could Be A Launch Title For New Xbox Console!

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  • Arkane Lyon’s Marvel’s Blade is potentially launching in 2027.
  • The game’s 2027 release may align with the launch of the upcoming Xbox console.
  • There is a high chance of Xbox exclusivity due to Arkane’s ties to Microsoft.

It seems fans will have to wait at least three years to finally play Arkane Lyon’s upcoming superhero game. Jeff Grubb, a reliable insider, claims that Marvel’s Blade will launch in 2027.

Why it matters: Earlier this month, a developer’s LinkedIn profile suggested that the title has been in the works for two years. Grubb’s recent comment means that Arkane Lyon will spend around six to seven years to develop a fully polished game.

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Speaking during the recent Xbox Era podcast, the reliable leaker said:

“They are expecting that to be sold in the year 2027.”

This could mean that Marvel’s Blade coincides with the release of the new Xbox console, possibly releasing for both Xbox Series S|X and Microsoft’s next console.

Since rumors have suggested Microsoft might launch its next console as early as 2026, Marvel’s Blade could become one of the major showcases for the new hardware.

Interestingly, Jeff Grubb also suggested that 2027 is the earliest possible target. Therefore, Arkane Lyon has likely left some room for potential delays and development hurdles, being open to another year or two of development should the need arise.

The latest Game Awards delivered thrilling news for gamers, confirming Arkane Lyon’s intentions to adapt a Marvel property into a AAA game. However, the announcement left fans craving more information, offering no release date or platform details.

This lack of clarity had fans guessing that the game was still in its early phases. The insider has given us a glimpse into the expected release timeframe, essentially stating that much of the work on this project is still left to be completed.

Interestingly, a leaked Xbox email suggests that Microsoft has already opted for exclusivity. According to the email, all future Bethesda games will be exclusive to Xbox.

Marvel's Blade


With Arkane part of the Microsoft family, there’s a high chance that Marvel’s Blade will be exclusive to Xbox. Although many argue for this, Microsoft has opted to keep things vague.

Anyhow, as gamers wait for Marvel’s Blade, Arkane Austin’s latest release is gradually improving into a better game. Following the 60FPS update and various bug fixes, Redfall is in doing better, but many are still not curious enough to give it another chance.

Marvel’s Blade marks a fresh start for Arkane Studios as a whole. Arkane Lyon has yet to disappoint, and many are hoping the team will redeem the prestigious Arkane name with a stellar superhero game.

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