Original God of War Trilogy Remasters For PS5 In The Works, Says Leaker

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Original Trilogy Could Return As Early As 2024!

Story Highlights

  • A prominent leaker states PlayStation is developing remasters for the original God of War trilogy.
  • This would make the first two God of War games natively playable on home consoles newer than the PS3 for the first time.
  • The leaker speculated that the trilogy could be released in 2024 or 2025.

God of War has been going strong for nearly two decades. Having debuted on the PS2 in 2005, this series continues to evolve, revolving around the narrative of Kratos and his allies.

With God of War Ragnarok being one of PlayStation’s fastest-selling titles, it appears Sony wants to produce even more content from this franchise. According to a leaker, remasters for the original trilogy are currently in development.

Why it matters: Santa Monica Studio shifted focus to a different gameplay style for God of War in 2018, practically reviving the series. While these games have performed well on the market, many fans are still itching to revisit Kratos’ Greek Saga on consoles.

YouTube video

On the latest episode of the Xbox Era podcast, Nick Baker pointed to a new leak from his sources. In the past, the leaker has proven to be reliable on multiple occasions, making this leak more exciting. He said:

“we might be getting the OG God of War trilogy remastered.”

The leaker was unable to confirm if the trilogy would be getting remade for the new hardware, but this information was enough to create a buzz among fans of the older games.

While God of War 3 was created for the PS3 and has aged quite gracefully 13 years later, the first two games can seem outdated by today’s standards. Therefore, remakes would be ideal for these games.

Since the leak specifically mentions the God of War trilogy, games like God of War Ascension and the PSP spin-offs might not be able to make the jump to the new PlayStation hardware.

What makes this information so exciting is that God of War has grown tenfold after the 2018 release for PS4. The franchise has millions of fans who have yet to experience Kratos’ origin story, making this remaster an interesting proposition for them.

Nick Baker speculated that the trilogy could be released as early as 2024. However, if they are more ambitious than simple remasters, a 2025 release is also likely. In any case, an announcement appears to be imminent.

God of War 3

While God of War 3 is playable on the PS5 in 60FPS, every other Greek God of War game is only available through cloud streaming on PS4 and PS5.

Therefore, this remaster would make the trilogy natively playable, eliminating the hardware barrier for easier access. We also believe this is a good move and one PlayStation should have considered much earlier.

There is no denying the classic God of War trilogy was groundbreaking for its time. With a hack-and-slash combat system inspired by the likes of Devil May Cry, it boasted unrivaled cinematics and over-the-top gory gameplay.

These games inspired a whole genre of hack-and-slash releases, with the likes of Dante’s Inferno and X-Men: Origins Wolverine turning out to be great takes on this formula. While Sony has ignored these games since 2018, it seems the gaming giant is finally ready to bring them back.

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