Final Fantasy 16 Dev Expects Consoles To Go Extinct In 10 Years

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Console Hardware Replaced By Cloud Tech!

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  • Hardware wars have always been prevalent in the gaming industry.
  • Previously, the producer of Final Fantasy 16 said there should only be one console.
  • Now, he has claimed that this competition will be over soon as consoles will go extinct in 10 years.

Console wars have been going on for decades. With PlayStation, Nintendo, and Xbox competing directly in a single market, they offer unique benefits and drawbacks with their systems.

For the player, this results in exclusivity, which can be detrimental when a compelling game is released for other platforms. One such example was Final Fantasy 16 in 2023, which was released as a PS5 exclusive and sold 3 million units.

However, it may have been harmed due to this exclusivity. The Final Fantasy 16 producer recently discussed exclusivity, expressing that hardware wars are likely to end in the next decade.

Why it matters: While console manufacturers have multiple nuances to their business, the hardware remains the most important part. Apart from Xbox, both PlayStation and Nintendo’s services revolve around their consoles.

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As a developer, Naoki Yoshida wants to make games that go beyond the specifics of the platform. This means he wants to create projects that everyone can enjoy on their preferred platform.

In the past, he stated that there should be only one console for the whole industry. This would make it easier for developers while benefiting the players due to a lack of exclusivity.

Looking to the future, the producer appears to believe in a cloud-based approach. He pointed to a nearing time where everyone would play on PCs, leaving little room for hardware wars from console manufacturers.

Through high-end servers & data centers, gamers will be able to access content using a simple internet connection. This technology is already being implemented by Sony and Microsoft, but PlayStation believes it will become meaningful in 2025.

Naoki Yoshida initially thought this time would come sooner. However, following the pandemic, he expects one more generation of consoles, leaving around 10 years before the gaming industry fully shifts to a cloud focus.

Further highlighting the cloud focus, Xbox’s next console is rumored to use a hybrid cloud-based architecture. Similarly, Ubisoft also believes in the idea of this technology completely changing the industry in the next decade.

While the cloud certainly sounds promising, there is a long road ahead. With gaming giants like PlayStation just coming to grips with the technology and the infrastructure needed for it to function, ten years might be too generous of an estimate.

However, Naoki Yoshida certainly thinks this amount of time will be enough, so it will be interesting to see how console manufacturers adapt to prepare for this incoming trend.

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