Xbox Next-Gen Console To Be Based On Hybrid Cloud Platform

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ARM64 CPU With AMD Navi 5 GPU Expected!

The Xbox Series S|X became the pillar of Microsoft’s next-generation experiences in 2020.

One console offered the most capable hardware in the industry, while the other brought a budget-friendly approach to gaming. An internal conversation revealed Microsoft hopes to continue a similarly flexible approach for its next generation.

The next Xbox console is expected to arrive in 2028. Additional leaks have provided further details about Microsoft’s upcoming console, hinting at plans to leverage the capabilities of the cloud.

Why it matters: Microsoft has learned valuable lessons about console design over the last two generations, shaping its current ambitions for a powerful platform ready to use emerging technologies in the gaming industry.

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Microsoft is among the leaders in the race for the move toward cloud gaming. Therefore, cloud gaming will be crucial to the gaming giant’s next console platform. Its internal document states:

“Develop a hybrid game platform capable of leveraging the combined power of the client and cloud.”

While Microsoft has stuck to traditional architecture over its last two consoles, the next Xbox may switch to a hybrid architecture using ARM

Recently, companies like Apple have made massive strides after shifting to ARM, with chips like the A17 Pro enabling AAA games on handheld devices like the iPhone 15 Pro.

Moreover, Microsoft expects to launch with AMD’s 5th generation of RDNA or Navi graphics. AMD introduced the RDNA 3 architecture in late 2022, following a two-year release cycle for each new generation.

The long gap between the current and fifth generation of graphics should ensure the next Xbox console is well-equipped to handle intensive ray tracing workloads and benefits from all the innovations made in departments like artificial intelligence.

Xbox Series S|X

Microsoft’s innovations in the cloud space could enable the next Xbox console to transcend traditional hardware limitations.

The gaming giant has previously dabbled with the idea of using dedicated cloud hardware for certain sections of games, pushing past the capabilities of home consoles like the Xbox One or Series S|X.

While nothing is confirmed, these leaks highlight an ambitious model for Microsoft moving forward. PlayStation may be contemplating similar introductions to its platforms moving forward, as it believes cloud gaming will be a meaningful part of the industry from 2025 onwards.

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