Microsoft Internal Chat Points To Next-Gen Xbox Console In 2028

5 More Years of Xbox Series S|X!

Microsoft has released four generations of Xbox consoles to date. Its journey in the gaming industry began with the original Xbox in 2001, followed by the Xbox 360, Xbox One, and the Xbox Series S|X.

The latest Xbox consoles are several years old and are quickly approaching their third anniversary. Microsoft’s latest offerings boast a compelling budget option and the world’s most powerful console.

An internal conversation between Microsoft executives sheds light on the company’s plans for next-generation hardware. According to the conversation, the next Xbox will be released in 2028.

Why it matters: This release window means that the Xbox Series S|X are nearly at the halfway point in their lifecycles and will be succeeded by new hardware around five years later.

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As reported by Axios, the next-generation console was referenced in a meeting from last year. This meeting featured prominent figures from Microsoft, including Satya Nadella and Phil Spencer.

While the executives discussed the strengths of fixed hardware SKUs in consoles, one Microsoft employee asked:

“Is the plan for 2028 to keep that model or force a Windows like flexible model?”

Kevin Gammill from Microsoft replied that Microsoft had already begun experimenting with a flexible model before 2020. The Xbox Series S|X consoles were released at different price points and offered different levels of hardware capabilities.

Gammill pointed out that this approach began with the Xbox One X and was further improved by the Series consoles. He elaborated that Microsoft should be even more flexible for the next generation and said Microsoft should:

“Provide the ability for creators to take advantage of unique hardware capabilities.”

Since Microsoft typically releases consoles around the same time as PlayStation, the 2028 window may suggest similar plans from its rivals.

While the chat reveals little about the actual hardware, Microsoft may continue its hybrid approach from the Xbox Series S|X in some form next generation. However, it remains to be seen if this will again result in separate SKUs at different price points.

Nonetheless, a 2028 target window means that the latest consoles do not have too many years before they are replaced by more capable hardware.

Following supply shortages, game development has just begun to move past the cross-generation phase, but developers may not have too long to fully explore the latest consoles before new hardware opens up even more possibilities for gaming.

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