Ghostwire: Tokyo Tops 6 Million Players After Joining PS Plus & Game Pass

Over 6 Million Players Worldwide!

Tango Gameworks’ last horror game, Ghostwire: Tokyo, was released in 2022. It was released as a timed exclusive for PlayStation consoles but has since made its way to Xbox consoles this year.

The title’s Xbox release was followed by its addition to popular subscription services like Xbox Game Pass and PS Plus Extra. This move allowed the studio’s latest horror release to reach millions of additional players.

Over a year after its release, Ghostwire: Tokyo has accumulated over 6 million players across all platforms.

Why it matters: Such milestones highlight the current significance of subscription services in the gaming industry, as they allow games to reach millions of players who, otherwise, may not have tried such games.

The latest milestone was shared by the team on Twitter. Tango Gameworks has thanked the players for joining the spooky streets of Ghostwire: Tokyo, sharing a new artwork to commemorate this milestone.

Previously, the game received accolades like the Award for Excellence at the Japan Game Awards last year. Moreover, it had already gathered an impressive 4 million players by May 2023.

Therefore, just over four months later, an additional 2 million players have journeyed through this exciting release from the studio. This is an impressive achievement since 2023 has no shortage of new content to keep players engaged.

Ghostwire: Tokyo Review Bombed

Ghostwire: Tokyo combines a bone-chilling atmosphere with combat described as ‘karate meets magic.’ Its psychic and paranormal abilities provide a nice change of pace from the traditional survival horror formula.

Such elements have ensured that the game has remained relevant for players across all platforms.

Following Ghostwire: Tokyo, Tango Gameworks has gone through a series of changes.

The studio has recently pivoted from its horror focus, releasing Hi-Fi Rush to critical acclaim. Founder Shinji Mikami has also left the studio after creating games at the studio for over a decade.

Nonetheless, the team’s efforts on Ghostwire: Tokyo continue to bring results to this day, reaching millions of players in the crowded gaming industry of 2023.

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Bawal Zehri
Bawal Zehri
Bawal is an MBBS student by day and a gaming journalist by night. He has been gaming since childhood, growing fond of the creativity and innovation of the industry. His career as a gaming journalist started one year ago, and his journey has allowed him to write reviews, previews, and features for various sites. Bawal has also been cited in reputed websites such as Screenrant, PCGamesN, WCCFTech, GamesRadar, and more.

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