Doom Eternal Dev Working On New id Tech 8 Engine

New Engine Will Power Current-Gen Games!

id Tech is often celebrated among the gaming industry’s most optimized engines. The latest iteration of the engine has been used in games like Doom Eternal, with id Software also lending its engine to the latest titles in the Wolfenstein IP.

In addition to impressive visuals, id Tech has been praised for its scalability across a wide range of hardware. Games like Doom Eternal, in particular, work surprisingly well on budget hardware.

Such attributes make id Tech capable of matching the industry’s best engines, but id Software appears to already be working on a new version. As noted by Timur222, a LinkedIn profile hints at the development of id Tech 8.

Why it matters: A new engine would allow the studio to better utilize the capabilities of current-generation consoles and ensure its games incorporate all of the latest innovations in the gaming industry.

The Twitter user has spotted the latest iteration of id Tech on LinkedIn.

Philip Hammer is a Principe Engine Programmer at id Software who has worked at the studio for over three years. His profile mentions id Tech 8, likely hinting that the studio’s next project will utilize this next-generation engine.

As stated earlier, Doom Eternal was among the first games to use id Tech 7. This engine was incredibly well optimized, resulting in sustained performance despite using intensive graphical features like ray tracing.

Going by the engine’s history, id Tech 8 has the potential to match Unreal Engine 5 as a revolutionary engine for games in the next few years.

id Tech 8

The studio has been away from the gaming industry for quite some time. After the release of Doom Eternal, id Software supported the title with DLC content and several expansions, but Doom Eternal is nearly four years old already.

Therefore, the studio’s next release, in addition to the new version of id Tech, may be closer than expected. Since id Software has lent its engine to studios like MachineGames, Indiana Jones from the Wolfenstein developer may be the first game to showcase id Tech 8.

Rumors and job listings have also pointed to a new release in the Wolfenstein franchise after its last title in 2019. Given Wolfenstein’s history with the engine, a potential new entry is likely to utilize id Tech 8 as well.

Previously, developers like NetherRealm Studios confirmed that they had upgraded their engine for current-generation development.

The popular first-person shooter developer appears to be joining the long list of studios preparing for exclusive development on current-generation hardware, and the previous versions of id Tech have the entire industry excited about the next massive leap in the engine’s visuals and performance.

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