Ghostwire: Tokyo Has Reached Over 4 Million Players

Huge Milestone For Tango Gameworks!

After a year of exclusivity on the PlayStation platform, Ghostwire: Tokyo recently made its way to Xbox consoles. While critical reception for the game left a lot to be desired, fans of the game have found plenty of aspects to enjoy.

Less than a month after its recent release, the official Twitter account confirms that Ghostwire: Tokyo has reached over 4 million players.

Why it matters: Ghostwire: Tokyo has not been a huge hit for Tango Gameworks, but the developer’s latest announcement means that the game is now reaching more players than before.

Celebrating the milestone, the developers thanked fans for playing the game and helping them reach this number.

The game recently received a Denuvo update on Steam, a year after its release. Following the update, the game dealt with many negative comments as it was bombarded with negative reviews.

However, this may not have affected the game too much. Ghostwire: Tokyo is also available on Xbox Game Pass and PS Plus Extra now. This has likely played a massive part in the recent success of the title.

With an interesting setting and engaging premise, Ghostwire: Tokyo stands out among the rest of Tango Gameworks’ offerings. The game has already found plenty of success after its recent release, and it could continue to bring even more players to the mysterious streets of Shibuya.

Are you one of the 4 million players? Will you try the game at some point? Let’s discuss this in the comments.

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