Prey Was Released On This Day 6 Years Ago

Over Half A Decade Old!

Prey comes from Arkane Studios, the developer behind popular games like the Dishonored franchise. While it was a new IP, fans quickly grew to appreciate various aspects of Prey soon after its release.

The game was released worldwide on 5 May, 2017, and it has now been over 6 years since the game was released.

Why it matters: Recent discussion about Redfall has led to disappointment around Arkane Studios, but Prey highlights many of the developer’s strengths and talents.


Prey is fondly remembered for its atmosphere and exploration throughout the game. It immediately captured audiences with its horror elements that blended well with the immersive nature of the title.

The game is full of subtle hints, providing more context about the mysterious world of Prey. Arkane Studios’ brilliant environments also add to the charm of the world, encouraging players to explore each area.

Despite its many positives, Prey was not a huge critical success. While reviews were mostly positive, many consider the game an underrated classic that was not properly appreciated by the masses.

Previous rumors also claimed that Arkane Studios was developing Prey 2: Neuroshock. According to the rumors, the game would pick up right after the first entry while providing a shorter experience.

However, these rumors never transpired into an official announcement, with Arkane Studios working on Redfall until recently.

Following Redfall’s poor reception, a sequel to Prey could bring some much-needed positive attention to Arkane Studios. While the developer’s next plans are unknown, Prey’s current reputation could help a follow-up stand out and appeal to a broader audience.

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