Ark 2: Support Studio Claims The Game Is Delayed To Spring 2025

Over 2 Years Away?

Ark 2 was first announced in 2020 with a release date of 2022, but the game got delayed to 2023. Recently, the studio announced the game would be further delayed till 2024  as the developers needed more time to utilize Unreal Engine 5.

While previous delays were already disappointing for many Ark fans, a recent earnings report from Digital Domain claims Ark 2 was again delayed to Spring 2025.

Why it matters: After the latest delay, Ark 2 is already over a year away. As such, this report caught fans by surprise, leading to worries about the state of the game.

Ark 2 annual reports
Source: Annual Report

Digital Domain is a support studio assisting Studio Wildcard with development on Ark 2. While referring to Ark 2, the studio’s earnings report states:

“The game’s release in spring of 2025.”

This was surprising as game developers do not usually announce delays in quick succession. With the game delayed well beyond 2023, Studio Wildcard has plenty of time to work on the game.

Even if a delay is required in the future, the game is likely too far away from release to make the decision right now. However, soon after the earnings report, a Studio Wildcard spokesperson told GamesRadar that the developer had “no idea where that came from.”

He further stated that it could be nothing but a typo. Therefore, it is not confirmed whether the game is still coming in 2024 or delayed to Spring 2025. However, Studio Wildcard’s statement means that the former is more likely.

Fans are suggested to take the report with a grain of salt until Studio Wildcard makes an official announcement to clear the situation. Aside from that, what do you think about this? Does it look like a typo to you too? Let’s discuss this in the comments.

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