Steam Deck: Over 9000 Games Are Now Verified Or Playable

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When thinking about portable gaming, the Steam Deck immediately comes to mind. The portable console from Valve is very successful, and the console’s vast library is one of the main reasons for this success.

Valve continuously works to bring improvements to the console, such as compatibility and bug fixes. This also includes more support for older and recent games. According to SteamDB, over 9000 games are now verified or playable on the handheld.

Why it matters: Compared to a handheld like the Nintendo Switch, not every game is guaranteed to work on the Steam Deck. However, Valve’s efforts to improve the library’s support have encouraged more users to try the portable console.

Steam Deck Verified Playable Games
Source: Steam dB

Various recent titles, such as Resident Evil 4 Remake, Hogwarts Legacy, and A Plague Tale: Requiem, are now included in these two categories.

It should be noted that Valve does not guarantee full compatibility for the games that are marked ‘playable for Steam Deck.’ However, players can still expect a good experience with these games. On the other hand, verified games are completely supported.

Over half of Steam’s top 100 most popular games also lie in these two categories, showing Valve’s commitment to supporting the Steam Deck and its player base.

In the modern era, where there are many consoles, Valve’s Steam Deck adds to the variety and freedom available to gamers worldwide. The console provides customization close to a PC but also includes a simple OS designed for more casual consumers.

This has allowed Valve to appeal to different crowds on the market, and the handheld is likely to continue this success in the near future.

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