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Baldur’s Gate 3 Ended up Steam Deck’s Biggest Game of 2023

It has been officially announced on the Steam site that Baldur’s Gate 3 was the most-played game on Steam Deck last year.

Valve Advises Against The Trend of Inhaling Steam Deck Fumes

After sniffing the Steam Deck vents became a trend, Valve has warned that it is not recommended to do so for health reasons.

Steam Deck OLED Unveiled; Features 7.4″ 90Hz HDR Screen & Larger Battery

Valve has revealed a new model of the Steam Deck, including an OLED display, a bigger battery, and various other improvements.

Diablo 4 Confirmed To Receive Steam Deck Verification Next Week

Blizzard has confirmed Steam Deck verification for Diablo 4, allowing handheld gamers to enjoy a seamless experience on the Valve console.

Steam Deck Successor Unlikely To Arrive Before Late 2025

Valve has clarified that the Steam Deck is here to stay, and a successor is not planned to arrive anytime soon.

Armored Core 6 Receives Steam Deck Playable Rating From Valve

Armored Core 6 has received a playable status ahead of its launch on Steam Deck and is yet to be verified by Valve.

Valve Introduces Refurbished Steam Deck Options At Lower Prices

Following its success in the handheld market, Valve has introduced refurbished Steam Deck handhelds as cheaper options.

Elden Ring Was The Most Played Steam Deck Game In May

Elden Ring has reached the top of the Steam Deck charts, becoming the most popular game on the handheld from last month.

Atomic Heart Is Now Steam Deck Verified

Less than three months after Atomic Heart was released on consoles and PC, it has now been officially verified for Steam Deck.

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