Steam Deck Discount Knocks Price To New Low For Two Models

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  • Valve is offering a 15% discount on the 64GB and 512GB LCD versions of the Steam Deck until July 11th.
  • The original model is quite comparable to the recent OLED refresh, making it an exciting purchase for the price.
  • While compatibility and optimization vary, the Steam Deck supports many games.

Value is currently offering a fantastic deal on the Steam Deck as it begins its Steam Summer Sale. Even though the OLED Steam Deck is undoubtedly the greatest portable console available, the original model, which does not feature an OLED screen, is still a fantastic handheld.

For a limited time, Valve is offering a discount on two models of the original Steam Deck.

Why it matters: With handheld gaming being bigger than ever, no console can match the capabilities of the Steam Deck due to the software support from Valve.

The Steam Deck Gets Even Better With A Massive Discount | Image via Valve

Interested users can get a 15% discount on the 64GB and 512GB models, which sets you back $296 for the 64GB version and $381 for the 512GB variant.

This sale will end on July 11th. It is also important to note that this is the cheapest this handheld has ever been. At under $300, it even ends up cheaper than the highly successful Nintendo Switch.

Though the handheld only has a maximum refresh rate of 60Hz, the original variant shares a resolution and performance similar to that of the OLED model. It can comfortably run most Steam games, except the most graphically demanding ones.

The original model is quite capable and can even run certain large-scale open-world titles, such as Elden Ring and its recently released Shadow of the Erdtree DLC.

However, you need to rely on a microSD card to extend the storage in the 64GB model. While downloading smaller indie games, that base storage may be plenty, but for larger AAA tiles, the Steam Deck will quickly run out of memory without a microSD card.

While the Valve hardware is great, it’s not perfect. Many games can be played on it, but several others are incompatible or too demanding. Nevertheless, it offers the best value out of all the recently released handhelds.

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