Nintendo Switch Reaches 139.36 Million Sales Milestone

Could Beat PS2 158 Million Record By 2025!

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  • The Nintendo Switch has sold about 140 million units as of FY2024 Q3.
  • 6.9 million units were sold just in the last quarter.
  • It is en route to overtaking PS2 as the most-sold console of all time.

The Nintendo Switch will be exactly seven years old in March 2024. Despite its age, the handheld is continuing to show why Nintendo is so dominant in the market.

According to the company’s FY24 Q3 earnings report, the Nintendo Switch has sold 139.36 million units.

Why it matters: The Switch was revolutionary when it was announced. Even today, while its hardware is a bit outdated, it continues to outsell much of the competition, boasting its unmatched popularity.

Nintendo Switch 2

This also marks a great time to talk about a record that might be broken in the not-so-distant future.

The PlayStation 2 holds the record for most units sold, coming in at about 158 million worldwide. The Nintendo Switch has now sold 139.36 million units and could potentially overtake the PS2 in 2025.

Out of all the lifetime units sold, about 6.9 million were shipped in the last quarter. This indicates that the sales are still going strong. In August 2023, the console had sold 129.53 million units, and this figure increased to around 132.46 million by November.

Overall, Nintendo performed better during the Holidays than in FY24 Q2. It has also sold 1.2 billion units of software. Zelda: Tears of The Kingdom has surpassed 20 million copies sold, while Mario Kart 8 Deluxe has sold a mammoth 60 million copies.

Though console sales numbers don’t seem to be slowing down, they might take a hit once Nintendo launches its new hardware.

nintendo top 5 rated games of 2023 by metacritic
Nintendo Top 5 rated games of 2023 by Metacritic

The Nintendo Switch 2 is rumored to release this year for $400, and 10 million units are in production for its first fiscal year.

The more powerful rendition of the Switch will boast modern-day hardware and is a much-needed refresh. The original, although excellent, lags behind today’s standards.

However, this might mean a price drop for the original, which will still pique the interest of many people. Overall, it’s incredible what Nintendo has and continues to achieve with the Switch. Let’s wait and see if it beats the legacy of the PlayStation 2.

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