PlayStation Reportedly Forced To Make PS VR2 By Sony

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PlayStation Didn't Want To Make VR Games!

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  • PlayStation released PS VR2 in early 2023, and it failed to meet expectations. 
  • Following the failure, production has been halted.
  • A reliable source revealed that Sony pressured PlayStation to make this headset.

It is now well-known in the industry that PlayStation failed miserably with its PS VR2 project. The giant stopped the production midway, as the headset didn’t meet expectations at all. After that, it was announced that the headset would require another $59.99 adapter on PC.

PlayStation has seemingly moved on from VR, but a new report provides more clarity on the situation. It seems the failure can be boiled down to Sony pressurizing PlayStation to develop the headset when it didn’t want to.

Why it matters: The original PS VR sold 5 million units, so the market was quite big. However, Sony failed to develop a product that was good enough for the public, and the reason for that is out now.

YouTube video

During the latest Game Mess Mornings episode, Jeff Grubb talked about the report regarding Sony abandoning the PS VR2. Discussing this rumor led Tom Caswell, the producer of Gamespot, to reveal some interesting information.

He revealed that PlayStation was pressured by its parent company to make this headset.

PlayStation was pressured by Sony to make another VR Headset to satisfy Sony’s other hardware things.

-Tom Caswell

Tom Caswell elaborated that PlayStation’s heart wasn’t into making this headset, which is why it has proven to be a disaster. According to Tom, such results were inevitable.

PlayStation still came up with an impressive piece of technology. However, the gaming giant did not have enough software to back up the hardware, which may have been a consequence of Sony forcing the project onto PlayStation.

PlayStation VR2
A PS VR2 Comeback Seems Impossible Now

With very few PS VR2 games in development, the future of this headset will almost certainly lie in the hands of PC gamers. Perhaps this audience will appreciate it more than Sony’s core gaming fanbase.

Still, the PS VR2 lacks several notable features on the PC platform, making it less impressive than on the PS5. Going by the report, fans should not expect Sony to continue with another VR headset.

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