PlayStation Is Reportedly Abandoning PS VR2 Already

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Sony Making Deep Cuts In VR Games Production!

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  • PS VR2 has been performing poorly ever since it was released.
  • Sony has previously halted development due to a lack of demand from fans.
  • According to a report, the company plans to abandon the virtual reality headset.

Sony hasn’t seen much success with its PS VR2, and it’s not really that surprising. The virtual reality headset didn’t sell well, so the gaming giant had to halt production. There are many VR games on the PS5, but fans didn’t think they were worth buying an expensive headset.

Therefore, not many were that excited. Sony recently announced that the headset would be released for PC on August 7, but PC players must buy an adapter costing $60 for compatibility.

While this was a valiant effort at reintroducing the headset, it seems Sony is abandoning the PS VR2 for good this time.

Why it matters: Sony had high hopes for this headset since it had already experimented with VR during the last generation. However, it seems to have completely missed the mark this time.

PlayStation VR2
PlayStation VR2 Hasn’t Been The Biggest Success For Sony

Android Central has revealed that Sony no longer cares about the headset since it is abandoning VR gaming. According to them, the company is making deep cuts into funding for VR projects, so fans expecting more titles should prepare for the worst.

“Sony is making deep cuts to funding for VR games.”

Android Central

The sources told them that Sony would not focus much on VR development as there would be fewer opportunities for VR projects. Another source revealed that only two games are currently being developed for PS VR2. This is a concerning report since the library is already quite limited on consoles.

YouTube video

Unfortunately, this was to be expected.

With AAA games prone to failure in the modern age, VR gaming is even more of a risk. The gaming industry has gone through massive layoffs, and many fan-favourite games have been cancelled.

Therefore, further investments in PS VR2 don’t make sense at a time when every gaming giant is looking to cut costs. It would have been a different conversation if the headset had been highly profitable, but VR gaming is too niche for that to happen.

PlayStation still plans to launch PC support for this headset in August. This could prove to be the last hurrah for the PS VR2, with PlayStation unlikely to release a third iteration of the headset after this disappointment.

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