Everyone Wants To Avoid Clash With GTA 6 In 2025, Says Xbox Exec

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GTA 6 Will Overshadow Everything In Fall 2025!

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  • GTA 6 will go unchallenged in 2025.
  • According to Xbox, publishers hope to avoid competition with this title.
  • Xbox also states that it needs to avoid competing with itself since so many big games are in development.

There is no doubt that GTA 6 will be the biggest game of 2025. Despite releases like Death Stranding 2, Doom: The Dark Ages, and Fable launching in the same year, nothing will be able to challenge Rockstar’s much-anticipated return to the industry.

However, this is also a double-edged sword for gaming. On one hand, GTA 6 will be a monumental release for the industry, but it will also lead to problems for other games. According to Xbox’s Matt Booty, the industry will plan around the title to avoid a clash.

Why it matters: GTA 6 and Rockstar’s influence could lead to various games launching later than anticipated.

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During a recent podcast, Xbox Game Studios Head Matt Booty was asked about Microsoft’s incredible slate for 2025. The gaming giant has several high-profile games releasing next year, with rumors pointing to the likes of Gears of War E-Day also being included.

Matt Booty was asked whether Microsoft was waiting for Rockstar to confirm GTA 6’s release date in order to plan around the title. He acknowledged that most teams would look to avoid clashing with GTA 6 since Grand Theft Auto has no real competition.

Of course, you’re going to plan around GTA 6.

-Matt Booty

However, he also stated that Microsoft needs to avoid competing with itself. Since so many games are slated for 2025, the gaming giant intends to work out a reliable release schedule that allows each release to shine.

This is precisely why games like Perfect Dark, State of Decay 3, and Gears of War E-Day did not receive release windows at this month’s showcase.

I think the issue is that we don’t step on ourselves.

-Matt Booty

Xbox Games Showcase
Xbox Games Showcase Highlighted An Incredible Slate Of Games For 2025

It is important to note that GTA has always been a juggernaut. However, this series has become unstoppable after GTA 5. While the likes of Call of Duty could hope to challenge its dominance in the past, it may be best for studios to make room for GTA 6 next year.

If the reactions to the initial trailer are anything to go by, this release will certainly overshadow everything in Fall 2025. Matt Booty is aware of this and hopes to avoid the worst-case scenario.

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