Star Wars Outlaws Is A Visual Feast And I’m Digging It

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The Galactic Underworld Looks Stunning!

Story Highlight
  • Star Wars Outlaws is shaping up to be a visual marvel for fans of the franchise.
  • Massive Entertainment seems to have put its Snowdrop engine to good use here.
  • The impressive use of lighting, textures, and weather effects all add up to the overall graphical fidelity.

Star Wars Outlaws’ latest gameplay video offered me a chance to analyze the game’s visuals and some glimpses of gameplay mechanics. I can confidently say that this title is raising the bar for Star Wars visuals, and I’m here for every pixel.

A YouTuber compiled a 30-minute gameplay demo in 4K, and some people are saying that the game is basically Star Wars meets Uncharted. I have to say that I agree with them. Star Wars Outlaws is more Uncharted-esque than any other game so far.

Ubisoft, Lucasfilm, and Nivida have teamed up to create a game that appears to be more than another Star Wars release. It’s a stunning visual experience that promises to raise the standard of gaming graphics.

Why it matters: After Jedi Survivor received mixed reviews due to its poor optimization, Star Wars fans will hope Ubisoft and Massive Entertainment can deliver an optimized, visually stunning experience.

Star Wars Outlaws
 Star Wars Outlaws features seamless transitions between areas and planets, with no loading screens in sight.

A Galaxy of Eye Candy

The first thing that struck me about Star Wars Outlaws was the sheer beauty of its environment. Every location feels extremely detailed and teeming with life. The use of the Snowdrop engine is evident in the stunning lighting, detailed textures, and realistic weather effects that bring each world to life.

The settings are packed with rich details and variety, ranging from the sandy expanses of Tatooine to the vibrant, neon-lit streets of Coruscant’s underworld. Each place seems designed to capture the essence of Star Wars, pushing the limits of what we’ve experienced in video games.

The game’s environments are impressive, but it’s not just that. The characters are incredibly detailed, too, with expressive faces and intricate outfits that perfectly embody the Star Wars vibe.

Kay Vess, the main character, and her faithful sidekick Nix are depicted with incredible attention to detail, from their expressive faces to their smooth animations. This level of detail is also applied to NPCs and enemies, making the world feel vibrant and alive.

And let’s talk about the spaceship, The Trailblazer. The spaceship has insane details that show realistic signs of wear and tear that reflect the stories in the galaxy. Seeing this EML 850 spaceship in action, rendered with such precision, is a visual delight.

Star Wars Outlaws
Not many people expected Uncharted-like graphics in Star Wars Outlaws.

Dynamic Atmosphere

In Star Wars Outlaws, the weather effects are a big part of what makes the visuals pop. The game features dynamic changes like rain, fog, dust storms, and snow, adding depth to the experience. Its day-night cycles further enhance the game’s immersive feel.

Massive Entertainment really doesn’t hold back on the details. The textures and environments seem incredibly well-detailed, whether the player is exploring ancient ruins or the insides of Imperial ships.

I could practically feel the roughness of the surfaces and the wear and tear. Even the small things, like rust on a droid or snow on Kay’s jacket, can be seen in the gameplay, which adds another layer of realism.

Moreover, the seamless transitions between different areas and interactions are a blessing. Games like Starfield got it all wrong, where I had to stare at a loading screen every time I entered a building or a new location.

Thankfully, this won’t be the case with Star Wars Outlaws; even traveling to a new planet won’t lead to a loading screen.

YouTube video

A Few Concerns

Although I’m impressed with Star Wars Outlaws, there are a couple of areas that give me pause. The combat, though visually impressive, appears somewhat basic from what I’ve watched.

It’s still a demo, so I’m crossing my fingers for more complexity and diversity in the final product. Moreover, the massive open-world setup makes me wonder about pacing and direction.

Exploring a huge galaxy with different planets sounds great, but I’m worried the title might spread itself too thin or lose track of its main story. We all know how Ubisoft’s open-world formula harms its biggest franchises, but I hope that’s not the case with Star Wars Outlaws.

Thankfully, the developers confirmed they won’t use the tower climbing mechanics.

Star Wars Outlaws looks set to be a visual masterpiece that truly embodies the Star Wars universe. With its advanced tech, detailed settings, and promising gameplay, it seems to be an experience that fans and visual connoisseurs won’t want to miss.

As we count down to its release on August 30, 2024, the anticipation grows, and I can’t wait to jump in.

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