AI For Games Is Needed To Keep Up With Competition, Says Embracer

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Embracer Plans To Use AI For Game Development!

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  • Embracer Group has recently talked about the importance of AI technology.
  • The publisher believes this will allow it to empower employees and develop future games much faster.
  • It also believes using AI has become necessary to avoid being left behind compared to the competition.

While everyone has different opinions on AI use in the gaming industry, most of the big publishers have shown interest in using it for the betterment of their games.

Embracer Group has just become another company that understands the great impact of AI in video games and has confirmed that it will use the technology in future titles. The publisher intends to empower its workforce and offer more immersive gameplay to fans.

Why it matters: The use of artificial intelligence is a controversial subject in this industry. Many argue that it will kill the creativity and soul of gaming.

Embracer Group
Embracer Group Owns Some of The Biggest Franchises In The Industry

Embracer Group has recently shared its annual report, in which the publisher shared its AI policy and confirmed intentions to use the technology in future releases. The studio believes that AI is necessary to keep up with modern competition.

The publishers believe that using AI technology will allow developers to offer more immersive experiences to the fans, in addition to more personalized gameplay. It will also help teams with future development.

Embracer Group states that AI will allow them to develop games much faster. While many believe that AI may overshadow human jobs, the publisher is aware of the potential risk and believes this won’t happen.

Instead, the company hopes to empower its employees with this technology.

Our aim is to empower our employees with AI applications.

-Embracer Group

Not too long ago, Take-Two’s CEO stated that he finds it stupid that people believe AI will replace jobs. He was also quick to acknowledge the importance of this technology for gaming’s future.

Embracer Group
Embracer Group Has Recently Shut Down Many of Its Studios

Embracer Group appears to have become another company focusing on AI technology. Recently, we have seen studios like EA, Square Enix, and many others shift their focus to this technology for the betterment of their titles.

While artificial intelligence is certainly promising, the technology has raised more than a few eyebrows. The gaming industry has decided to go all-in on artificial intelligence, but audiences are still not convinced.

Perhaps the new wave of games incorporating this technology will help lead a shift and convince the industry.

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