Take-Two CEO Believes AI Can Never Replace Jobs

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"The Stupidest Thing I've Ever Heard”

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  • Take-Two CEO Strauss Zelnick states that he finds it ‘stupid’ to say AI will replace jobs. 
  • AI will indeed become a huge part of game development in the future, but the CEO believes people won’t lose their jobs.
  • Many companies, including Take-Two itself, are rumored to be utilizing AI for their future projects.

Artificial Intelligence has been a hot topic of debate for a long time, especially now that many companies are making it a core pillar of game development going forward. However, Take-Two Entertainment’s CEO claims AI will never replace regular employees.

Why it matters: The integration of AI can automate many things, leading to potential risks for various roles.

Gaming Generative AI
Generative AI is expected to become a central part of games in the future.

Take-Two CEO Strauss Zelnick has claimed that believing artificial intelligence will replace jobs is stupid. This is particularly interesting because of the common fear that too much reliance on AI would result in jobs being lost.

The idea that AI will make everyone unemployed is the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard.

-Strauss Zelnick

There is no doubt that AI will be a vital part of game development in the future. EA’s CEO also claimed that generative AI is something they want to explore for more immersive worlds and games.

The gaming industry has already seen various layoffs in recent years. With AI handling several basic tasks in the future, many professionals believe that their roles in gaming will be at risk.

It is even said that AI tools will become so powerful that, much like Halo Forge or custom in-game creation tools, fans will be able to leverage the technology. However, it seems the CEO believes artificial intelligence won’t achieve optimal results without human input.

GTA 6 Ray Tracing
AI Will Only Become More Popular As Gaming Evolves

Take-Two itself is rumored to be using artificial intelligence for GTA 6. Zelnick previously claimed that almost every company is working on AI NPCs for its games.

In addition, according to a survey, 30% of game developers currently rely on generative AI, a number that is expected to rise. Ubisoft is another company that plans to integrate the technology into its games.

It remains to be seen how AI will impact current and future games. For now, Strauss Zelnick’s statement is welcome since many developers have feared this technology rather than embracing it.

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