Nvidia Claims Star Wars Outlaws Is Most Detailed Star Wars Game

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Ubisoft To Bring Incredibly Immersive Star Wars Experience!

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  • Star Wars Outlaws supports the full set of RTX features.
  • Nvidia says this game delivers the most detailed Star Wars experience.
  • It will use ray tracing for breathtaking visuals.

Star Wars Outlaws, officially unveiled with an extensive gameplay preview last year, is Ubisoft’s take on the famous franchise.

Helmed by Massive Entertainment, the same team that recently delivered an immersive first-person recreation of the Avatar universe in Frontiers of Pandora, Star Wars Outlaws is dubbed the IP’s first open-world game.

Adding to the excitement, Nvidia has described the project as the most detailed game based on the franchise.

Why it matters: This franchise is no stranger to gaming adaptations. Considering the existing Star Wars gaming media, Nvidia’s statement has led to more excitement among fans.

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Massive Entertainment already showed its proficiency in new technologies like ray tracing in Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora. In our review, we discussed how the game used ray tracing to bring the Avatar universe to life, and it seems the same will hold true for Star Wars.

Nvidia confirms ray tracing, DLSS 3, and Reflex support for the title. However, a blog post elaborates on Massive Entertainment’s work on crafting this expansive open world.

Outlaws is built using the Snowdrop Engine, enabling the developers to create the most detailed Star Wars experience.


The team at Massive Entertainment expands on this statement, describing the many locations players will find throughout the galaxy.

Star Wars Outlaws aims to create a breathing open-world filled with life. Toward that end, ray tracing will aid the team in enhancing the visual experience, while DLSS 3 makes up for any performance drawbacks.

Star Wars Outlaws
Star Wars Outlaws Is Expected To Launch This Year

Technical Director Tobias Carlson added that Massive Entertainment specializes in crafting open-worlds. Whether it be The Division or Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora, the team’s expertise in this area is always on full display.

Still, Nvidia’s claim is certainly a bold one.

With the likes of Star Wars Jedi Survivor and DICE’s Battlefront 2 being praised for the visual experience, Star Wars Outlaws has a high bar to meet. However, Massive Entertainment is confident it can exceed expectations.

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