Sony’s AI-Based PlayStation Spectral Super Resolution Aims For 4K 120FPS

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Will Debut This AI Upscaling With PS5 Pro!

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  • PlayStation Spectral Super Resolution will reportedly be revolutionary for the consoles going forward.
  • It will target 4K 120FPS and 8K 60FPS on PS5 Pro and future PlayStation consoles. 
  • The PS5 Pro will serve as the first implementation of this technology.

The PS5 Pro has been in the discussion since last week’s major leak. One of the major highlights of the mid-gen refresh is the ability to upscale the graphics like DLSS. It will feature Sony’s own PlayStation Spectral Super Resolution (PSSR).

The latest report from Insider Gaming explains that this technology is being designed for the future. While it will debut with the PS5 Pro, the ultimate goal is to achieve 4K 120FPS and 8K 60FPS gaming.

Why it matters: AI upscaling becoming a vital part of the PS5 Pro enables new revolutions for console gaming. This technology seems to be a proof of concept for now and should evolve further for the PS6.

PS5 Pro
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According to the report, the PS5 Pro will be unable to take full advantage of this technology. The main reason is due to the Zen 2 CPU, which will prove to be a major bottleneck for the system despite its upgraded GPU.

However, sources have provided an example of how PlayStation Spectral Super Resolution will work. An unnamed first-party game on the base PS5 ran at 1080p 60FPS using the performance mode and 1800p 30FPS.

Using PSSR, the same game ran at 1440p 60FPS on the PS5 Pro.

PS5 Pro
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Another game boasted a similar disparity between the base and Pro consoles. However, the PS5 Pro could aim for 60FPS with ray tracing in this instance while the base console had to disable ray tracing for the same frame rate.

Past reports already claimed that the PS5 Pro would aim for 4K 120FPS gaming. This tagline sounds more believable after the recent information on PlayStation Spectral Super Resolution, but a lot is yet to be revealed.

4K 60FPS alone would be a miracle for the PS5 Pro since games like GTA 6 are anticipated to use ray tracing and push all parts of the consoles, including the aging CPU. Even 2024 titles like Dragon’s Dogma 2 are highlighting the major CPU bottleneck.

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