Rise of the Ronin Took Direct Inspiration From Ghost of Tsushima

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Will Team Ninja Capture Ghost of Tsushima's Charm?

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  • Rise of the Ronin is set in a massive Japanese open world.
  • A recent interview with the director confirms Ghost of Tsushima was used as an inspiration.
  • The director states that he wanted to make a game with this type of setting for the longest time.

Rise of the Ronin has been compared to Ghost of Tsushima time and again. Despite different periods, both games share a Japanese setting, making the latter an obvious comparison after it garnered industry-wide praise for its authentic Japanese experience.

Team Ninja has not shied away from this comparison, acknowledging that Ghost of Tsushima was a major inspiration. In a recent interview, the director discussed how Sucker Punch Productions’ work motivated this studio to create an open-world Souls-like.

Why it matters: Both games are PlayStation exclusives and are expected to attract a similar audience on Sony’s console.

Rise of the Ronin
Rise of the Ronin Is Much More Narrative-Heavy Than Most Team Ninja Games

Speaking to Automaton, the director of Rise of The Ronin, Fumihiko Yasuda, stated that while working on their first-ever open-world game, the developers took many cues from the combat of Ghost of Tsushima.

Rise of the Ronin is our first open world game, and Ghost of Tsushima was one of the games we used as reference.

-Fumihiko Yasuda

However, with Team Ninja known for its combat systems, the studio was eager to add its own magic to the formula.

As evident by recent footage, Rise of the Ronin offers a brutal and challenging combat system. This is one reason many fans have been able to forgive its mediocre presentation and unstable performance.

We think the most important thing is to foster the unique characteristics of Koei Tecmo and Team Ninja games.

-Yosuke Hayashi

The producer remains confident that the combat and other aspects of the Japanese setting will be portrayed uniquely and stand above many other games. This is to be expected since Team Ninja was one of the earliest adopters of Souls-likes.

The studio also has a history of pioneering class-leading action titles like Ninja Gaiden.

Ghost of Tsushima
Ghost of Tsushima Is Set To Receive Major Interest This Year

Team Ninja spent an incredible amount of time researching this setting and period, hoping to deliver an authentic rendition in video game form, much like Sucker Punch Productions did in 2020.

Recent previews for Rise of the Ronin have been nothing but encouraging. Overall, the game seems like an obvious purchase for those who enjoyed recent releases like Nioh, Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, and even Ghost of Tsushima.

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