Rise of the Ronin Reportedly Fails To Hold 60FPS Despite Mediocre Visuals

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Drops As Low As 40FPS In Performance Mode!

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  • Rise of the Ronin has been criticized for its graphics.
  • While most fans argue that gameplay is more important, Team Ninja reportedly failed to create a consistent experience in this entry.
  • The frame rate drops as low as 40FPS in performance mode.

Rise of the Ronin, an upcoming PlayStation exclusive, has attracted a lot of attention. The combat mechanics and gory elements of this game have been well-received, but the same can’t be said for its graphics.

The game’s graphics have received criticism, with many stating that it looks like a last-generation game. While this can be ignored, it seems Rise of the Ronin also struggles to achieve a consistent 60FPS.

Why it matters: Consoles have begun to offer competent 60FPS modes in the current generation. Team Ninja also offered similar modes last generation, making these results odd for the studio.

YouTube video

In his latest video, popular YouTube SkillUp delved into Rise of the Ronin from recent hands-on time.

Sharing his opinions, he eventually transitioned to the game’s performance. SkillUp states that the framerate drops to as low as 40FPS, even in the performance mode. He further states that frame pacing in cutscenes isn’t consistent either.

It looked like 45FPS to me with regular dips. It seems like cutscenes are locked to 30FPS.


Since PlayStation’s exclusives are typically guaranteed to meet a certain bar of quality, Rise of the Ronin might end up being the outlier. It is also interesting that such reports are only now beginning to show up, with one week left before release.

Fans already had second thoughts about the game due to its visuals, but poor performance could be the final nail in the coffin for those on the fence about Team Ninja’s latest title.

When a game is so focused on reaction-based combat, an inconsistent frame rate can ruin the experience. Team Ninja’s history suggests Rise of the Ronin will be quite challenging, but a poor frame rate could add frustration to an otherwise engaging experience.

Rise of the Ronin
Rise of the Ronin – Samurai

However, all hope is not lost since Team Ninja intends to release a patch before the official launch to address performance. Whether this patch will solve all the issues remains to be seen.

This is the first open-world game from Team Ninja in many years, which may be the reason behind these results. Still, with a $70 price tag, fans might not be willing to accept the mediocre performance and visuals.

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