Rise of the Ronin Graphics Look Last-Gen & Outdated, Fans Claim

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Fans Believe Graphics Were Downgraded From First Trailer!

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  • New gameplay footage of Rise of the Ronin was revealed during the recent State of Play.
  • The combat looks promising, but fans are less impressed with the visuals.
  • Many fans have claimed that the graphics of this title look last-gen compared to modern releases.

Rise of the Ronin, set to release on March 22, is one of PlayStation’s most exciting games of 2024. Created by Team Ninja, the title features intense combat, offering a narrative-based Souls-like experience.

The game will be released in just over a month, but some fans have shown signs of concern. During the recent gameplay video, fans have spotted downgraded visuals, claiming that Rise of the Ronin looks like a last-gen release.

Why it matters: Team Ninja has never been one to provide the best visuals or production values, but Rise of the Ronin has more eyes than past releases from the team due to PlayStation’s marketing.

Rise of the Ronin – Gameplay Overview | PS5 Games
byu/GroundbreakingSet187 inPS5

In a thread discussing the game, a Reddit user claimed that it looks like an early-gen PS4 game thrown onto the PS5. Many have pointed to the rough textures, frequent pop-ins, and low detail levels, which add to the dated visuals.

It is unreal how downgraded the graphics are from the first trailer.


The first trailer was rendered in-engine, so the footage wasn’t representative of the final gameplay.

It appears Team Ninja set expectations too high with the first trailer. The gameplay looks like a thrilling blend of the Souls-like and hack-and-slash genres, but Rise of the Ronin cannot stand against the best of AAA gaming in terms of visuals.

Because of its setting and themes, the game has also been compared to Ghost of Tsushima. However, such comparisons are not the most favorable since the latter is considered one of the best-looking PS4 titles.

byu/GroundbreakingSet187 from discussion

One fan claimed that Rise of the Ronin looks worse than launch PS4 titles. The user compared it with Killzone Shadowfall, which came out over ten years ago. Some even went as far as to compare this title with PS3 visuals.

Still, Team Ninja fans know that graphics have never been this developer’s biggest strength. The Japanese studio shines in terms of gameplay, and Rise of the Ronin does not appear to be an exception.

Traversal and combat look promising from the recent trailers, so many are still excited to jump in next month. Team Ninja’s recent work on Nioh and Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty has also been well-received, leading to higher hopes for its return to the Souls-like genre this year.

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