Star Wars Battlefront Collection Met With Thousands of Negative Reviews

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Came With Server Capacity For 192 PC Players!

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  • Star Wars Battlefront Classic Collection launches to “mostly negative” reviews on Steam.
  • The game doesn’t have enough servers at launch, especially for PC users, with limited access to game modes.
  • Players expressed disappointment on Reddit and Steam.

The re-release of the Star Wars Battlefront Classic Collection has been met with a wave of disappointment from fans.

Released on March 14, the collection has been bombarded with negative reviews on Steam and Reddit. Players are reporting numerous bugs and technical issues that are seriously impacting their experience.

Why it matters: Amid recent cancelations like Star Wars Mandalorian, this classic collection was expected to shine a ray of hope for fans of the series.

Star Wars Battlefront Classic Collection Negative Reviews
Star Wars Battlefront Classic Collection Reviews via Steam.

This collection, featuring the original Star Wars Battlefront 2, promised to reignite the nostalgia for those who fondly remember the online battles on iconic maps like Hoth and Yavin 4: Arena. However, it has been released to nearly 1,000 negative reviews.

According to the reviews, players encountered a huge problem at launch: there weren’t enough servers to handle everyone. Surprisingly, this collection started with only three servers for 192 PC users, which was nowhere near enough.

While more servers were later added, players faced a plethora of technical issues. Players have reported crashes, gameplay stuttering, and serious lag, making things nearly impossible to play for many.

On top of that, some basic gameplay features, like weapons not doing proper damage, added to everyone’s frustration.

Star Wars Battlefront Classic Collection Negative Reviews
Star Wars Battlefront Classic Collection is Plagued with Major Server Issues.

Some players highlighted problems such as textures suddenly appearing and disappearing, frame rate drops during intense battles, and issues with hit registration, making online matches feel unfair.

The disappointment over Star Wars Battlefront Classic Collection echoed through social media and gaming platforms. Many blamed the developers for not putting in enough effort to ensure a smooth launch for classics cherished by the hardcore fans of the franchise.

It remains to be seen how the developers will respond to the community’s outcry. Patching the bugs and server issues should be a top priority to address the core issues affecting gameplay.

Furthermore, clear communication with the player base outlining the development team’s plans for resolving these problems would go a long way in restoring trust.

Meanwhile, Star Wars fans can try critically acclaimed titles like Star Wars Jedi: Survivor and anticipate Ubisoft’s upcoming Star Wars Outlaws.

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