Silent Hill 2 Remake Reportedly Releasing on 30th May

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Could Launch In Just 2 More Months!

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  • An update on a Mexican retailer’s website reveals Silent Hill 2 could be released on May 30.
  • The game was rated by the South Korean board recently.
  • An insider also claims that the remake’s development has been finished.
  • All signs point to an impending release.

According to a Mexican retailer’s website, Silent Hill 2 Remake could be released in just two months from now. Amid the excitement, the retailer has revealed a May 30th, 2024 launch for this horror game.

Why it matters: Silent Hill 2 was considered the pinnacle of the survival horror genre at one time. Despite the underwhelming response to the remake’s first trailer, a huge fan base is heavily anticipating the title.

YouTube video

The remake was recently rated in South Korea, pointing at the release drawing closer despite the negative feedback on the trailer.

What makes this release date more interesting is the fact that a known insider states development has been completed. This also lines up with Bloober Team’s earlier statements, with the developer polishing the game in January.

Therefore, all things are now in Konami’s hands, with Bloober Team moving to other projects. With the game possibly arriving in just two months, Konami might not have enough time to implement fan feedback after the recent trailer.

Silent Hill 2 Remake looked surprisingly rough in its first gameplay, but Bloober Team stood by its work, claiming that Konami did a poor job showcasing the game.

Silent Hill 2 Remake
Silent Hill 2 Remake Screenshot via Latest Trailer

It is important to note that this date could be a placeholder. Previously, various Silent Hill 2 Remake listings have shown up online with different dates, but none have come to fruition.

Therefore, we recommend readers take the new date with a pinch of salt, even if recent evidence hints at a nearing launch.

According to Bloober Team’s president, the studio has put its heart and soul into this title. Therefore, we are still excited for the final release despite the underwhelming first trailer.

Apart from the Silent Hill 2 Remake, Konami also teased multiple projects for this franchise in 2024. The series is expected to return with a massive presence this year, so fans should keep an eye out for more information.

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