Rise of the Ronin Has Spurred Gameplay vs Graphics Debate Again

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Rise of the Ronin Graphics Being Heavily Criticized!

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  • Some gamers are concerned the actual graphics of Rise of the Ronin don’t match the trailers.
  • However, the majority argue that engaging gameplay is more important than cutting-edge graphics, comparing Rise of the Ronin to titles from Nintendo and FromSoftware.
  • With a $70 price tag, some players believe the visuals don’t justify the cost.
  • Others point out similar pricing for games with less emphasis on graphics.

The upcoming game Rise of the Ronin has set the gaming world ablaze, but not for the reasons its developers might have hoped.

Previews and gameplay videos have sparked a heated debate amongst players, reigniting the age-old question: are stunning visuals more important than engaging gameplay?

Rise of the Ronin takes players on a journey through feudal Japan, promising a captivating narrative set against the backdrop of a violent warring world. However, glimpses of the game released so far have left opinions divided.

While some praise the title’s historical setting and the potential for an immersive story, others express serious concerns about the game’s graphics and high price point.

Why it matters: Rise of the Ronin is exclusive to PlayStation, and Sony’s biggest games are known for their production values, putting this Team Ninja release in a weird position.

Rise of the Ronin
Fans Argue That Rise of the Ronin Looks “Last-Gen.”

Debates About The Graphics

The most striking aspect of Rise of the Ronin is arguably its visual presentation. The trailers revealed stunning landscapes that perfectly evoke feudal Japan. From lush bamboo forests to majestic castles and vibrant marketplaces, the attention to detail was remarkable.

However, some players feel that the game’s graphics in the actual gameplay footage do not match those shown in the initial trailers. Many gamers have taken to Twitter to express their disappointment.

One user on Twitter went as far as calling the game a prototype version of Ghost of Tsushima 2. The concerns about the visuals seem valid, considering the bar for graphics in 2024 is very high.

However, the majority of gamers seem to disagree.


The consensus among players is that gameplay is always king, and it’s okay for a game to have average visuals. One Twitter user made a fascinating point and compared Rise of the Ronin with big titles from Nintendo and FromSoftware.

He believes that if Rise of the Ronin was made by Nintendo or FromSoftware, nobody would even mention its graphics. The user finds this inconsistency and double standard surprising.

The majority of gamers don’t seem to care about realism in video games as long as gameplay keeps them hooked. Even Gabe Newell thinks realism isn’t necessary in games.

The argument has spread to talks about the game’s budget. Some players wonder if focusing too much on gameplay might have meant sacrificing other important parts of the game, such as graphics.

Personally, I think the game looks fine both visually and gameplay-wise. Sure, the graphics might not look as cutting-edge as Sony’s other first-party titles, but they are not bad at all.

Looking at the previews, it’s no surprise that the combat looks stellar, considering the game is developed by Team Ninja. In my opinion, when the gameplay seems this enjoyable, the graphics aren’t a big deal.

Players Have An Issue With The Game’s Pricing

One point of contention is the game’s price tag. With visuals that don’t look modern, some gamers believe Rise of the Ronin should be priced accordingly.

Rise of the Ronin is priced at $70 for the PS5 standard edition. However, some social media users argue that the game is not worth the price due to its outdated graphics.

This is a AAA game with a AAA price tag, and with that come certain expectations. So, it’s understandable that people critique its graphics when compared to other games in the same price range.

On the other hand, some gamers think that the price tag is justified. One user argues that players didn’t raise similar points when Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom was released with a $70 price point, even though it had much worse graphics.

Regardless, the discussion about Rise of the Ronin highlights the ongoing need for balance in game development. While eye-catching graphics can make a game more attractive, they’re just one part of the overall experience, not the whole thing.

Gameplay is just as important as having stellar visuals because this is the part of a game that keeps players hooked and coming back for more.

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