Next Halo Game Development Ramps Up With Multiple New Hirings

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Xbox & 343 Industries Heading Toward Halo's Future!

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  • Past evidence has hinted at the next Halo game being in development.
  • 343 Industries is going on a hiring spree, stating that the new developers will work on Halo’s future.
  • The team is looking to fill various roles, including artists, designers, and more.

Halo, Microsoft’s biggest first-party IP and an icon of the first-person shooter genre, has not been the most relevant in recent years.

While recent releases like the Master Chief Collection and Halo Infinite have had their ups and downs, 343 Industries seems to have wrapped up the former’s development, and the latter is still finding its footing.

The team has begun work on the next generation of Halo, with the studio hiring more developers as it leaps into the new era.

Why it matters: Halo Infinite was promised as a 10-year platform for the franchise. However, following its reception, 343 Industries and Microsoft could be cutting support short in favor of something fresh.

According to Community Director Brian Jarrard, 343 Industries recently opened up various positions at the studio. The team is hiring for a Level Designer, an Audio Director, a Lead Game Designer, and more.

The Community Director teases that these roles will help support the future of the franchise. With more and more developers being added to the team with each passing day, it seems work on the next Halo game is picking up the pace.

It is understood that Halo Infinite began development shortly after the team launched the fifth mainline title. With the latest title turning three years old this year, we expect 343 Industries to have made significant progress on the next project.

Since the team is no longer occupied by The Master Chief Collection, it can take an all-hands-on-deck approach. Recent rumors also hinted that the studio was involved in a franchise spin-off with Certain Affinity.

Halo Infinite
Halo Infinite Was Initially Considered A Strong Return To Form For The Franchise

Dubbed Codename Tatanka, this project sought to introduce a battle royale take on the IP. However, recent reports claim this project has been canceled, potentially due to recent layoffs at Microsoft’s internal studios.

The upcoming entry is rumored to continue using 343 Industries’ proprietary Slipspace engine, with the developers aiming to push the envelope of this technology further for new generations.

It is also important to note that Halo has yet to receive a fully current-generation experience since the latest entry was held back by the very dated Xbox One in 2021.

As fans who grew up on Bungie’s classic Halo games, we hope to see this franchise returning to its former glory someday. While Infinite may have missed the mark after a strong start, 343 Industries has proven that it can bounce back after reviving the Master Chief Collection.

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