Sony Admits PS3 Was Major Misstep After Success of PS2

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"We Got Carried Away After PS2's Success"

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  • The PS3 launched for $500 in 2006.
  • In a recent interview, Sony admitted this price was obscene for the time.
  • PlayStation executives believe Sony got carried away after the PS2’s record-breaking success.

The PS3 was, for all intents and purposes, an incredible piece of technology when it launched over 17 years ago. Combining a revolutionary Cell processor, a Blu-Ray drive, support for Linux, and more, this console sought to become the ultimate computer.

However, Sony’s ambitions were thwarted by an obscene starting price of $500. For reference, the PS5 could be bought for less in 2020, albeit as a digital-only model. Seventeen years later, PlayStation admits this was the wrong call to make.

Why it matters: In many ways, PlayStation’s success with the PS4 came as a direct result of its failures during the PS3’s lifespan. Sony learned all the right lessons from that generation.

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In a recent video from CNBC, PlayStation executives like Shawn Layden, Herman Hulst, and Jim Ryan reflected on three decades of Sony’s gaming business.

When discussing the infamous third generation, the executives were quick to admit the PS3’s flaws. Despite everything it offered, the console’s price point was unrealistic, even if Sony was losing hundreds of dollars at $500.

Shawn Layden described it as Sony’s Icarus moment, signifying an overly ambitious approach. Meanwhile, Jim Ryan reflected on the success of the PS2, which still holds the throne for the best-selling gaming console.

We got a bit carried away with the success that we’d been enjoying on PS2 and we stumbled.

-Jim Ryan

Herman Hulst admitted that the PS3 was extremely difficult to develop games for. This was a direct result of Sony’s decision to rely on the Cell processor, an unconventional architecture for developers at the time.

PlayStation 3 PS3
This Console Is Still Sony’s Most Expensive Gaming Hardware When Accounting For Inflation

Eventually, the PS3 became a beloved console for fans. Many consider it underrated today, with leaked documents indicating that it still has a thriving user base of around 1.9 million monthly users.

Unfortunately, Sony is not keen on supporting the PS3, ignoring this console and backward compatibility for its library. This leaves the likes of Killzone, Resistance, Motorstorm, and more trapped on the aging but memorable PS3.

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