PS3 Still Going Strong With 1.9 Million Monthly Active Users

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Sony Leak Confirms Millions Still Using PS3!

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  • A leaked report has revealed that the PS3 had 2 million active monthly users in February 2023.
  • Sony released the PS3 17 years ago, making these numbers quite shocking. 
  • The report also showed 70.3 million active users for the PS4.

The PS3, released 17 years ago, is one of Sony’s most important consoles for multiple reasons. With 87. 4 million units sold, a troubled beginning, and complicated hardware, this console equipped Sony with the skills to stay ahead of the competition in later generations.

While the PS3 might not be remembered fondly by Sony due to its challenges, the console has a beloved fanbase to this day. Nearly two decades after it debuted, Sony noted around 2 million monthly users for the console.

Why it matters: Consoles have a typical lifespan of around 6-7 years. The general audience is quick to transition to new hardware, making the 2 million figure quite impressive today.

PlayStation 3

According to recently leaked documents, it has been revealed that PS3 has more than 1.9 million monthly active players. The report points to the active users as of February 2023, so the numbers may have fluctuated since then.

Still, this figure is incredible, considering the age of PS3. One unique part of the console is the ability to play online games without any subscriptions. This makes it interesting for owners to revisit the console now and then.

Multiplayer titles like the later Call of Duty games and GTA 4 are still active on the console. Therefore, finding games is not hard, although lobbies can often be disturbed by hackers.

Because of the console’s unique Cell architecture, many of its exclusives are also unplayable elsewhere. Games like Metal Gear Solid 4 and God of War Ascension have not been remastered, making the PS3 the only viable console for those looking to revisit or try them for the first time.

As of February 2023, the PS4 had 70.3 million active monthly users. While this is to be expected, we find the PS3 numbers more interesting. Even though  RPCS3 is a great alternative to playing the console’s titles today, millions continue to rely on the original hardware.

PlayStation 3

The report also revealed that PS5 had 37.1 million active users. However, since this is Sony’s latest console and is growing at an incredible rate, the actual numbers are much higher as we approach the end of 2023.

Recently, PlayStation confirmed the console had sold 50 million units. Interestingly, a report estimates Sony sold around 40K PS5 consoles daily in 2023.

The PS3 seems to have a lot of life in it as we move into 2024, but this may not last for very long. Back in 2021, Sony confirmed intentions to shut down the console’s online services.

Following backlash, this decision was reversed, but fans remain concerned about another imminent announcement from Sony.

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