Starfield: Recent Steam Reviews Now ‘Mostly Negative’

63% of Recent Reviews Negative!

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  • Recent Starfield reviews have gone from mixed to mostly negative on Steam.
  • Fans have issues with the gaming feeling bland and not doing anything innovative.
  • Starfield had a great start but has been unable to sustain the initial momentum.

Things are going from bad to worse for Starfield since its recent Steam reviews have turned to ‘Mostly Negative.’  While the game has still been a commercial success for Microsoft by many metrics, general reception is now much worse than the best Bethesda games.

Why it matters: Starfield was supposed to be 2023’s Xbox flagship. It was in development for eight years and promised to live up to the legacy of RPGs like Skyrim and Fallout 3.

Starfield Steam Reviews
Starfield Steam Reviews

While the overall reviews are mixed with some skeptical, some a bit confused, and some downright disappointed by the game, the recent reviews are all negative. People are criticizing Starfield for not doing anything out of the box despite its nomination for Steam’s most innovative title for the year.

Others have complained that the game is overstuffed and heads in no particular direction. There are some massive performance issues as well, according to testing and many reviews on the Steam page.

Bethesda has always been known for high-quality IPs like Fallout and The Elder Scrolls. Many believed Starfield would lead another revolution for Western RPGs, but this has not been the case.


Despite the criticism, there are things that Starfield does right, which can be capitalized on with future DLCs and games.

The game’s open world is beautiful. Space combat and traversing the galaxy in a massive ship is quite satisfying, and the game’s Creation Engine can often lead to unique moments that are only possible due to its physics.

With future updates, these elements can be expanded, helping the game return from a somewhat disturbing situation.

Starfield became this year’s most-covered game, with over 53,000 articles published on it.

This shows how sought-after the RPG was and the buzz around it. The title has also managed to hit 12 million players in just under four months, becoming Bethesda’s biggest launch to date.

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