Complete GTA 5 Source Code Out in the Wild After New Leak

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Canceled Bully 2 & GTA 5 Story DLC Spotted!

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  • GTA 5’s source code has just been leaked.
  • It points to Rockstar’s canceled work on Bully 2 and earlier files from GTA 5.
  • A Python script of GTA 6 is also part of the leak.

Leaks are becoming far too common in the gaming industry. In addition to major leaks from Insomniac last week, a part of the source code from GTA 5 was leaked last month, containing evidence of the canceled Bully 2.

A new leak seems to follow up on this event. With all of GTA 5’s source code now out in the wild, practically everything about the game can be found online.

Why it matters: The leak could make it even easier to hack the already plagued lobbies of GTA Online, leading to a poor player experience.

Last year, Rockstar was hacked, and several gameplay videos of GTA 6 were made available on platforms like Twitter and Reddit. While many hoped that this would be the last of Rockstar’s leaks, the studio has received a massive blow over a year later.

The latest leak shows various parts of GTA 5. For starters, an early map from the game has been found in the source code. Additionally, more references to Bully 2 are part of the leak.

This confirms yet again that Rockstar was working on Bully 2 at some point. The project has likely been canceled since then, with the developer solely focusing on Red Dead Redemption and Grand Theft Auto over the last decade.

Other significant details include the long-rumored story DLC for GTA 5. ‘Prologue DLC’ and ‘Agent Trevor’ highlight that DLC for the game’s offline mode was indeed planned at some point but was either converted into content for GTA Online or canceled outright.


Snippets of GTA 6 Python code have also appeared. However, this is a far cry from the massive leak of 2022. According to the code, GTA 6 was indeed named Project Americas. This was the codename used in earlier reports, further verifying the information.

Following the leak, we advise players to stay vigilant when playing GTA Online.

In the past, the game has been impacted by major security issues, and we suspect a similar instance could happen again unless Rockstar is able to take immediate measures to prevent such actions.

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