Multiple Sources Point To PS3 Backward Compatibility For PS5

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Sony Hasn't Forgotten Its PS3 Fans!

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  • An insider has corroborated recent reports of PS3 backward compatibility for the PS5.
  • He states that Sony has been working on the feature for quite a while.
  • The leaker expects an announcement to be made quite soon.

PS3 backward compatibility was one of the most highly requested features for the PS5. While Sony’s latest console supports nearly every PS4 game out in the wild, it can’t run PS3 games that weren’t remastered natively.

However, the PS3 backward compatibility dream might become a reality soon. Recently, a reliable leaker pointed to emulation for the console. Following the update, another leaker corroborated the information, stating that Sony is working on this feature.

Why it matters: Various PlayStation IPs have been ignored for too long because of the PS3’s limited support. Many newcomers to the PS4 can familiarize themselves with such games once backward compatibility is introduced for the PS5.

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The latest update comes from Jeff Grubb, who is typically on point with his information on PlayStation.

Interestingly, Jeff Grubb had already stated that PS3 backward compatibility was being worked on a while ago. During the latest Game Mess Mornings episode, he reiterated that Sony has been working on the feature for a while.

It’s something that I’ve heard has been in the works for quite some time.

-Jeff Grubb

He clarified that an announcement was expected sometime this year. While Jeff Grubb could not provide further details, it is speculated that Sony may have saved the announcement for the PlayStation Showcase, rumored for September this year.

With two major sources discussing PS3 emulation, something is almost certainly in development.

PlayStation 3
The Original PS3 Offered Hardware Backward Compatibility For PS1 And PS2

Since the PS3 is notoriously challenging to work with, PlayStation may have run into hurdles with this feature. The Cell architecture has always been difficult, even for the most experienced developers, and emulating it will likely be even harder.

Currently, PlayStation offers streaming compatibility for PS3 games. However, these games are run on actual PS3 server blades. With this hardware quickly becoming obsolete, Sony has likely found it necessary to work on some form of backward compatibility.

It is also important to note that this feature is said to mimic Xbox’s implementation. Therefore, PlayStation will likely go for case-by-case emulation over full hardware backward compatibility.

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