Fans Call For Killzone & Resistance Revival After Concord Disappointment

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Fans Believe Classic PlayStation IPs Deserve Revival!

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  • PlayStation recently debuted a brand new first-person shooter game in the form of Concord.
  • Fans found this title underwhelming, with many hoping to return to older IPs like Killzone and Resistance.
  • PlayStation fans want a complete reboot for these IPs, but some are willing to settle for remakes.

PlayStation is trying to enter the first-person shooter market again after straying away from it during the last generation. Its latest shooter, Concord, was introduced with a deep dive at last month’s State of Play.

However, fans found the game bland and disappointing. As PlayStation struggles with first-person shooters, fans now demand a return to the Killzone and Resistance franchises.

Why it matters: Apart from Destiny 2, PlayStation lacks major first-person shooter IPs. With Call of Duty now a first-party Xbox franchise, Sony needs to come up with a potential rival of its own.

Killzone Shadowfall PS VR 2
Killzone Shadowfall Was Released In 2013

On Reddit, a post sparked discussion regarding Sony’s ongoing struggle with first-person shooters.

The gaming giant is already set as far as third-person shooters are concerned. Thanks to Helldivers 2, PlayStation has this genre covered. However, its major first-person shooter, Destiny 2, has not been the most popular in recent months.

Fans believe Killzone and Resistance could help PlayStation break this curse. These two IPs are immediately recognizable to audiences and have immense potential as live-service franchises.

Sony needs to bring back Killzone and Resistance. The gaping FPS-sized hole in the PS5 lineup is hard to not notice.


Some have suggested that Sony should remake the older games, while others are hoping for reboots. However, they have also acknowledged that both Guerrilla and Insomniac Games are now busy with other projects.

At the height of their popularity on the PS3, both Killzone and Resistance had active multiplayer modes. Fans yearn to relive the sci-fi madness of Killzone and the alien-obliterating mayhem of Resistance on more modern hardware.

Unfortunately, both franchises have been left dormant for over a decade at this point. 2024 marks 11 years since the last Killzone game, while Insomniac bid farewell to Resistance after the third game in 2011.

Resistance PlayStation Call of Duty Rival
Resistance Was Among The Best First-Party Games On The PS3

Needless to say, both franchises are due for a comeback, and we agree. On that note, perhaps PlayStation should also consider bringing back IPs like Motorstorm and Infamous.

At the time of writing, Sony has not shown the most interest in its older IPs since many renowned franchises have been ignored for newer games. However, with Demon’s Souls suddenly returning in 2020, all hope is not lost for these first-person shooter IPs.

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