Concord Looks Like The Most Generic Live Service Game Ever

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I Feel I've Already Played Concord 10 Times Before!

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  • Concord is entering an oversaturated market with no fresh ideas, copying features seen in many popular games.
  • The gameplay looks straight out of Overwatch and Valorant, and the characters resemble those in Guardians of the Galaxy.
  • Firewalk Studios needs to offer something truly new and exciting to ensure that its live-service title doesn’t become just another forgettable release in a crowded market.

I’ll be honest; I groaned when I first saw the trailer for Concord. Not a groan of excitement, mind you, but a groan of weary recognition. Here we go again, I thought, another live service shooter promising the world but likely to deliver a soulless experience.

Despite its promising pedigree, with developers who have worked on Destiny and Call of Duty, Concord feels like it could be one of the most generic live service games ever created.

This upcoming title seems to be a textbook example of what can go wrong in the live service genre.

Why it matters: Looking at the gameplay aspect, the lack of originality and reliance on tried formulas raise concerns about Firewalk Studios’ long-term success in the genre.

Concord had a solid cinematic reveal, but the gameplay section featured nothing unique.

Overcrowded Genre

Concord appears to be entering a market that’s already packed but without bringing anything fresh or inventive.

During its reveal at the PlayStation Showcase, the game focused on its 5v5 multiplayer and pledged lively environments and teamwork. Yet, these are all things I’ve come across many times before.

As the trailer mentions, the title wants to foster team play and encourage shared experiences through thrilling moments. But isn’t that the standard pitch for every multiplayer live-service shooter?

Moreover, Valve is reportedly working on a 6v6 hero shooter. Gameplay leaks show that Deadlock is in a very playable state. That paints a concerning picture for Concord – will it be able to compete with an industry giant, let alone fight against existing competition?

Concord’s gameplay trailer focused on standard multiplayer aspects and offered nothing new.

Lack of An Identity

The trailer gives off a vibe of borrowing heavily from other 5v5 or 6v6 games. The sci-fi setting, boasting a vibrant universe and colorful characters, feels like it’s been done before.

I can’t lie; the visuals and gameplay mechanics resemble a mashup of Overwatch and Guardians of the Galaxy, which might grab attention initially but doesn’t promise long-term appeal.

Furthermore, the marketing material and footage don’t showcase any standout features. Instead, they offer standard FPS gameplay with abilities for different characters, a formula seen in numerous other titles.

There’s a lack of originality or innovation, making Concord seem like it’s just checking boxes on the live service game development checklist. In the world of live service, keeping players hooked long-term is a tough nut to crack.

Developer Firewalk seems to be banking heavily on traditional PvP modes without introducing any original mechanics. While this approach might hold water for a bit, player burnout is a legitimate concern.

Relying on buzzwords like “exciting, unexpected moments” and “shared experiences” is a common tactic used by developers. However, these promises could ring hollow without solid details or innovative mechanics to back them up.

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Can Firewalk Pull it Off?

Firewalk Studios, comprised of veterans from Bungie and Respawn, definitely brings a wealth of experience to the table. Yet, experience alone isn’t a golden ticket in such a cutthroat market.

While their track record with Destiny and Apex Legends proves they can craft a solid FPS experience, Concord needs more than just polished gameplay. It has to stand out from both its predecessors and rivals.

The backing of PlayStation lends credibility and resources to the project, but it also raises the bar of expectations. Fans expect a lot from first-party titles, and anything less than groundbreaking could lead to disappointment.

I think my concerns are valid. The fact that it seems like I’ve already played this game ten times before is a concerning sign, especially when there’s no shortage of live service failures.

Even big developers like Rocksteady have failed to break into this market.

I really hope Firewalk proves me wrong. For now, the game is poised to face an uphill battle, especially after Helldivers 2’s explosive success as a first-party launch.

Its failure to establish a distinct identity, coupled with its heavy reliance on familiar (and sometimes worn-out) gameplay, positions it as one of the most cookie-cutter live service titles I’ve seen.

Unless Firewalk Studios can pull a rabbit out of the hat closer to launch, Concord risks being just another face in the crowd rather than a standout star. Please, prove me wrong, Firewalk.

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