PS3 Backward Compatibility For PS5 Reportedly In The Works

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PS3 Library Will Soon Be Playable On PS5!

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  • Many fans appreciate Xbox for supporting older consoles through backward compatibility.
  • PlayStation skipped PS3 backward compatibility for the PS5 in 2020 due to the Cell architecture’s complex nature.
  • A new report states that Sony is working on a solution to introduce PS3 backward compatibility for the PS5 through emulation.

The PS5 is the current market leader, but there are a few key areas where Microsoft’s Xbox Series S|X consoles are clearly better. Among them, backward compatibility is a huge plus for Xbox consoles.

The Xbox Series S|X is fully compatible with nearly all Xbox One games. Moreover, you can play a huge chunk of Xbox 360 games and original Xbox games on the consoles through emulation.

It seems Sony intends to rival this feature, with PlayStation working on PS3 backward compatibility for PS5.

Why it matters: The PS3 has a phenomenal library that could soon be lost to time. This console is over 17 years old, so fans have demanded preservation measures from Sony.

YouTube video

During the latest Xbox Era Podcast, leaker Nick Baker revealed that Sony has plans to preserve the PS3 library.

Sony is working on select PlayStation 3 backwards compatibility.

-Nick Baker

The leaker clarified that Sony is not working on full backward compatibility.

This likely means that something similar to Xbox’s offering is being planned. Fans can expect a select batch of games to be supported, with Sony hand-picking the biggest PS3 games for the program.

While this may sound disappointing, fans should note that the Xbox backward compatibility program has grown since the initial days. While it began with a similar premise, it supports nearly every game one can think of.

As such, fans should expect popular IPs like Infamous, Sly Cooper, God of War, and more to eventually arrive on the PS5.

PS5 Xbox Series S|X
PS5 Has Already Managed To Beat Xbox Series X/S This Generation

PlayStation may also use the PS Plus Premium subscription to push this backward compatibility program. However, this part of the leak remains unclear for now.

Sony is rumored to be cutting PS3 support this year, so the leak aligns with past rumors. If the PS3 online store goes offline permanently, Sony can keep its legacy going through backward compatibility on the PS5.

With recent experiments like the PS VR2 failing, fans might be pleased to see Sony trying something new. The PS3 library is still special for millions across the globe, making this an exciting leak for PlayStation enthusiasts.

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