Palworld PS5 Version Hinted At By Community Manager

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Pocketpair Fuels Palworld PS5 Rumors Once More!

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  • Palworld’s community manager recently teased a PS5 release with a cryptic tweet.
  • Pocketpair has also expressed interest in expanding to more platforms, including a possible PS5 release.
  • Launching on PS5 could significantly expand the game’s reach.

Palworld, often called ‘Pokemon with Guns,’ took the world by storm after it launched as an early access title. Mixing creature collection and intense combat, it quickly gained popularity, hitting over 2 million players on Steam at its peak.

This milestone outpaced Counter-Strike 2, Lost Ark, and Elden Ring. Palworld was never released for PlayStation, but that is about to change. A recent tweet has fueled speculation that the title may come to PS5.

Why it matters: Despite a gradual decline in player numbers since its launch, the title retains a respectable player base, boasting over 24,000 active players on Steam. A PS5 launch would likely increase the player count further.

Palworld PS5 Launch
Pocketpair is interested in expanding to PS5. | via Steam FAQ.

It seems Palworld might finally be heading to PS5.

Pocketpair’s Global Community Manager teased this with a tweet featuring colored hearts representing the game’s current platforms. Interestingly, the community manager added a blue heart, hinting at a possible PS5 release.

Pocketpair’s CEO has already discussed expanding Palworld to more platforms and hinted at a potential acquisition. Currently, the title is only available on PC and Xbox. The recent social media hint aligns with these plans, pointing to a future PS5 release.

Since its release, the game has gained considerable attention and success, selling over two million copies in its first 24 hours. This rapid achievement has increased interest from players across all platforms.

Although Pocket Pair hasn’t officially confirmed a PS5 release, several hints indicate it could happen. Shuhei Yoshida from Sony responded positively on Twitter to a fan’s question about Palworld coming to PS5, tagging PlayStation’s partner development executive for China and Japan.

Furthermore, in an official FAQ on Steam, the developers stated they are open to the idea of a PS5 release.

Palworld’s Pokemon-style gameplay was an instant hit among PC players.

Introducing Palworld to PS5 could broaden its audience and attract a large player base. With more than 150 million PS5 and PS4 users worldwide, the community could thrive once again thanks to an influx of new players.

The title’s mix of creature-catching, survival elements, and crafting has already proven popular on other platforms, and a PS5 release could enhance its success even further. With the player base down by 97% on Steam and a major update coming this month, there is no better time to bring in even more players.

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