Xbox Ports No Longer Worth It Without Game Pass Deal, Say Devs

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Game Pass Conditions Fans To Buy Fewer Games!

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  • Developers say that Xbox users are conditioned to rely on Game Pass.
  • They state that porting games to the platform is rarely worth it without a special deal for the service.
  • Upon signing such deals, Microsoft pays the developers immediately, making the investment worth it.

Xbox has been fighting an uphill battle for over ten years, with PlayStation’s lead growing bigger with each passing year. The platform is still doing well in terms of revenue, but hardware and install base growth is limited when considering consoles alone.

This has also made Xbox less of a priority for many developers, particularly when it comes to teams with fewer resources. According to a report, many developers believe the platform is not worth an investment without a Game Pass deal.

Why it matters: Microsoft signs various deals with third-party publishers to secure day-one availability for Game Pass. However, this may end up becoming a double-edged sword in the future.

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According to Skill Up, a member of his team recently reached out to various developers to ask them about the potential of publishing games on Xbox. The responses were quite interesting, with most developers arguing in favor of a Game Pass deal.

It’s not worth putting your game on Xbox unless you have a Game Pass deal.

-Skill Up

They explained that Xbox has conditioned its users to play titles through the subscription service. Therefore, developers intend to enjoy the benefit of Microsoft’s upfront payment.

If they go the other route, the studios are unlikely to make a return on their investment. It is also important to note that this sentiment came from indie and AA teams, but various AAA studios have recently skipped the Xbox platform, as well.

Black Myth Wukong
Black Myth: Wukong Is The Latest Title To Be Delayed For Xbox

Previously, a former Rockstar developer made a similar comment, stating that developers prioritize PlayStation since Sony has the biggest user base on consoles.

Still, Microsoft remains committed to the service. With games like Black Ops 6 arriving on the subscription later this year, the buzz around this service will only increase from here. Therefore, Microsoft needs to figure out a way to deal with this problem.

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