Game Pass Conditions Users To Buy Fewer Games, Say Devs

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"It's Like Trying To Sell DVDs To Netflix Users"

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  • Developers state that Game Pass is the main reason Xbox has seen a behavioral shift among gamers.
  • The shift has also led to lower game sales on Xbox consoles.
  • Developers have also voiced their concerns, stating that porting games to Xbox isn’t as beneficial as other platforms.

Game Pass has been under fire for some time now. Many have deemed the subscription service to be the reason for Xbox’s decline, but Microsoft’s commitment to the service means that it can’t back down now.

In a recent report, various developers further highlighted their concerns about the service, stating that Game Pass is the main reason for low Xbox sales. 

Why it matters: Game Pass’ readily available content rollout means that most people are no longer as interested in buying new titles.

Xbox Game Pass
Xbox Game Pass has been deemed as the main reason for low Xbox sales.

Talking to Skill Up, many developers, ranging from solo to mid-sized teams, emphasized one thing the most. All of them have been reluctant to release games on the Xbox consoles because they know the games won’t sell well.

While the situation was different for each developer or studio based on their size, the trend of low Xbox sales was the issue for all. They mostly blame Game Pass for the shift in behavior, which has created a vicious cycle. 

It’s a bit like trying to sell a DVD to someone who uses Netflix.

– Game Developer

Call of Duty Xbox Game Pass
Call of Duty is expected to join Xbox Game Pass soon

An award-winning anonymous developer also stated their sales had been the weakest on Xbox after the game was ported to the platform two years after the launch. While the statements differed in one way or the other, the consensus was the same.

Furthermore, indie developers voiced their worries and stated that taking money out of their pocket and investing in ports that won’t sell is bad for business. Instead, launching games on more lucrative platforms like Switch or Steam Deck is more feasible.

With Call of Duty now expected to join the service, Microsoft could be looking to condition users yet again. The service is also expected to receive new tiers, possibly making it even easier to join for the budget user. All in all, Microsoft might continue to erode its remaining sales.

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