Black Ops 6 Listing Points To Another Cross-Gen Release From Activision

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Black Ops 6 Coming To PS4!

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  • A GameStop pre-order listing for Black Ops 6 has been spotted online.
  • This listing shows that the game will be available for the PS5, Xbox Series S|X, and the PS4.
  • Activision seems to be on track to release its fifth cross-generation Call of Duty entry since 2020.

Activision’s latest Call of Duty is said to be one of its most ambitious. With two major teams joining forces, several years of testing, and a return to the Black Ops IP, Black Ops 6 has a lot of excitement behind it already.

However, a listing has been spotted online that could kill the hype for fans worldwide. It seems Activision is still not done releasing cross-generation games, and Black Ops 6 will not be the first current-gen-only Call of Duty.

Why it matters: Many developers began to adopt current-generation gaming last year, providing hope for an end to cross-generation releases.

Black Ops 6 will be available on last gen
byu/Oufp4 inblackops6

According to Gamestop’s listing, Black Ops 6 can be pre-ordered for various platforms, including the current-gen consoles and Sony’s nearly eleven-year-old PS4.

If this proves to be accurate, Treyarch’s latest game will be held back by this aging hardware, preventing the Call of Duty franchise from making a meaningful jump in terms of visuals or gameplay.

It is important to note that Treyarch was the first to kick off the wave of cross-generation Call of Duty titles in 2020. Four years later, Black Ops 6 would mark the fifth entry to be released on all platforms.

The listing also suggests that no Xbox One version has been developed. While this may appear to be an error at first, other cross-generation releases like Resident Evil 4 have skipped this console while launching on the PS4.

COD Black Ops 6
Black Ops 6 Will Launch Later This Year

It is also important to note that the last-generation version of Black Ops 6 could prove to be drastically different from its current-gen counterpart. The game is said to be taking an open-world approach in the Gulf War, so there’s no telling how the PS4 will handle a more ambitious Call of Duty.

In the past, Treyarch offered a version of Black Ops 3 on last-generation consoles that was basically a completely different game. Therefore, the team could go the same route again.

Black Ops 6 is expected to be fully unveiled on June 9. Fans can expect a confirmation on the platforms on the same date, in addition to gameplay, developer interviews, and much more.


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