Final Fantasy 16 Xbox Port Teased Again By Director

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Xbox Port Expected After PC Version!

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  • Final Fantasy 16 officially turns one today.
  • The game’s director has used this occasion to tease an Xbox port.
  • Square Enix and its developers hope to bring the JRPG to as many people as possible.

Final Fantasy 16 led the PS5’s exclusivity lineup as one of the biggest Japanese games in the first half of 2023. However, since then, the game is set to escape from its exclusivity contact, with a PC port currently in development.

Square Enix also intends to leave its old exclusivity approach behind moving forward. This has led to speculation about Final Fantasy 16 arriving on Xbox next, and the director behind the game seems to be teasing just that.

Why it matters: Until recently, Square Enix had released its latest Final Fantasy games on Xbox consoles. This changed with Final Fantasy 7 Remake, and many were disappointed to see the trend continuing last year.

Final Fantasy 16
The Final Fantasy 16 PC Port Is Expected To Arrive This Year

Final Fantasy 16 is officially one year old today, and the director has shared a heartfelt message to celebrate the occasion. On Twitter, director Hiroshi Takai thanked everyone for supporting the title.

He has also reiterated that work on the PC port is in full swing, and the team is planning to share more information soon. However, the next statement caught everyone’s attention.

The director implies that the game is planned for even more platforms, hinting at the much anticipated Xbox release. Interestingly, this is not the first time Final Fantasy 16 has been teased for Xbox.

We would like to make Final Fantasy 16 available to as many people as possible, so watch out for that one too.

-Hiroshi Takai

YouTube video

Square Enix is going through various shifts in order to prepare itself for the industry’s future. In addition to toning down platform exclusivity, the gaming giant has also confirmed a reduced focus on AI and blockchain technology.

This is good news for fans of the publisher and its work. Final Fantasy 16 was not the biggest hit last year, but it had no shortage of positive reviews. Therefore, many Xbox fans have wanted the JRPG on their consoles, and it seems their wishes will be fulfilled soon.

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