Final Fantasy 16 PC Port Now In Final Optimization Stages

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Demo Coming Before 2024 Launch!

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  • Final Fantasy 16 is in development for PC.
  • The producer says this PC port is in the final stages of optimization.
  • He also states that a demo will be released before launch.

PC gamers are set to receive multiple ports from PlayStation this year. Sony has already confirmed Horizon Forbidden West and Ghost of Tsushima, while The Last of Us Part 2 and more are rumored for a PC launch.

Last year’s Final Fantasy 16, which launched as a PS5 exclusive, is also receiving a PC port. Work on this port began last year, and it appears to have reached the final stages of development.

Why it matters: This Square Enix team already has a massive PC fandom, thanks to Final Fantasy 14, making the PC port an exciting release for the developer.

Final Fantasy 16 Square Enix
Final Fantasy 16 Sold 3 Million Units In No Time

Game Informer recently spoke to the Final Fantasy 16 producer for insights into the PC version. When asked about a potential release date, Naoki Yoshida was able to confirm that it would not take much longer for the port to arrive.

It won’t be a year, it won’t be two years. It will probably be shorter than that.

-Naoki Yoshida

He also confirmed that this port is in the final stages of optimization.

The producer stressed that the requirements would probably be high. Square Enix plans to launch a demo for the port, allowing PC gamers to try Final Fantasy 16 on their builds before launch.

Last year, a similar demo was released for the PS5 before the full version. Overall, the port appears to be making steady progress, so it should be released before the end of 2024.

Final Fantasy 16
Final Fantasy 16 Was Among The Biggest PS5 Exclusives Last Year

It is important to note that Final Fantasy 16 had its fair share of technical issues on PS5. From frame rate dips to low resolutions, the game was not released in an ideal state.

We hope to see the PC port arriving in a more optimized state. The Final Fantasy 16 team is famous for its work on the PC version of Final Fantasy 14, so we remain hopeful that the PC version will not disappoint.

Meanwhile, Square Enix recently launched Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth to excellent reviews. However, Japanese sales indicate that this title has not been as successful as last year’s mainline entry.

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