Final Fantasy 16 Render Resolution Drops To 720p To Achieve 60FPS

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Still Drops Below 60FPS In Set Pieces!

The bar for Final Fantasy 16 was set high from the beginning, with the Producer claiming it would showcase the power of PS5. The previews were excellent before release, and many fans enjoyed the demo.

Following this anticipation, the reviews were released yesterday, and the game received a highly positive reception, with a score of 88 on Metacritic. However, it does not exceed expectations in every area.

Digital Foundry has posted a complete analysis of Final Fantasy 16, and they have figured out that the render resolution in quality mode falls between 1080p and 1440p. However, the render resolution in performance mode drops to 720p to achieve 60FPS.

Why it matters: Following the PS5 and Xbox Series X launch, fans have come to expect 60FPS performance at high resolutions. However, recent games are starting to become too intensive for these consoles.

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A game on a current-gen console running on 720p can be disappointing, given that it received so much hype.

Previously, the developers claimed that combat would maintain a consistent 60FPS while the exploration would not be locked at this target. This is true, but the resolution drops to 720p for the 60FPS target.

It should also be noted that this is the render resolution, and Final Fantasy 16 uses upscaling to produce a better image. However, Digital Foundry notes that it is using AMD FSR1.

The developer has not utilized AMD FSR2, considered the superior option. Upscaling does not produce the best result for Final Fantasy 16 when using these low render resolutions.

When players are not engaged in combat, the frame rate can vary wildly, often dropping below 40FPS. This was a common issue in the demo, but it seems to have carried over to the full game.

Therefore, the quality mode seems like the better choice. Performance mode features lower-quality shadows, in addition to other compromises. This means that the better image quality and consistent frame rate of quality mode might be the best way to enjoy Final Fantasy 16.

While the game’s performance and resolution are disappointing, Final Fantasy 16 holds up well in other areas. It delivers an engaging narrative and a great combat system, setting a high standard for future Final Fantasy games.

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