PUBG Battlegrounds Moving To Unreal Engine 5 For Visual Revamp

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Destructible Environments Also Coming This Year!

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  • PUBG Battlegrounds is transitioning to Unreal Engine 5 this year.
  • The content roadmap confirms destructible maps are also planned.
  • Other changes include balance adjustments, new content, and more.

PUBG Battlegrounds is considered the pioneer of modern battle royale games, inspiring a wave of popular titles like Fortnite, the now-shut-down Call of Duty Warzone, and more. It still holds the record for the biggest paid Steam title, recently challenged by Palworld.

Like other live-service titles, PUBG Battlegrounds has also gone through several evolutions since its release, including the transition to a free-to-play model. The game is ready to go through another major change, making the switch to Unreal Engine 5 soon.

Why it matters: Unreal Engine 5 is the industry’s favorite engine at the moment, with various AAA studios moving to this technology from their own in-house tech.

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In its latest roadmap update, Krafton confirms the switch to Unreal Engine 5. However, a lot more is planned for this battle royale.

During the extensive video update, the team confirmed the addition of destructible environments. This is a staple of various shooter IPs, most commonly found in the Battlefield series.

Krafton states that destructible environments will allow more strategic gameplay, with the map itself impacting attack routes and planning. Additionally, the team is planning changes to existing maps and various collaborations for skins and cosmetics.

For enthusiasts, Krafton confirms various gunplay adjustments. These updates will be accompanied by changes to the Ranked play systems, making PUBG Battlegrounds more competitive than before.

PUBG Mobile
PUBG Battlegrounds attracts nearly a million players each day on Steam.

The jump to Unreal Engine 5 is the update we find the most appealing about this roadmap since the engine offers features like Lumen and Nanite. Previously, games like Fortnite switched to this engine, showcasing revamped visuals.

The PUBG Battlegrounds team has also promised a major visual uplift for this battle royale title once the engine shift is complete.

The full roadmap for 2024 is already looking quite promising. PUBG Battlegrounds is still one of the most-played battle royale games across multiple platforms, making these updates exciting for millions across the globe.

The game’s visuals were never its strongest suit, but Unreal Engine 5 should be able to do the heavy lifting and help Krafton close the gap with other battle royale titles.

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