EA Says Players Want More Live Service Games

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EA Will Double Down On Live-Service!

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  • EA has been focusing on live service games for a while.
  • The studio has confirmed intentions to double down on live service games with large open worlds, monetization, and communities.
  • It believes the market is heading toward live service as microtransactions are highly lucrative.

EA has recently laid off many employees due to a challenging time in the market. Many companies have followed the same pattern, leading to various cancelations, including the much-anticipated Star Wars Mandalorian.

While this measure has led to a new petition, EA has clarified its intentions for the future. The publisher will double down on the live service games genre.

Why it matters: Live-service games have failed time and again, with Suicide Squad becoming the latest example. Still, publishers are not ready to back down.

EA Apex Legends
Apex Legends Is Among EA’s Most Successful Live Service Titles

EA’s justification is that players are shifting towards live service games more than other genres. It now aims to focus more on creating games with a live service model, massive communities, and large open worlds.

We’re seeing a rapid player shift toward large open-world games, massive communities, and live services.

– EA President Laura Miele

According to EA, this is what the players want, so the publisher will focus on fulfilling demands and listening to its fans.

The publisher is also a major part of this market, with various IPs like Apex Legends, Fifa, Battlefield 2042, and more being live service offerings. Apex Legends, in particular, is one of the biggest battle-royale games out today.

However, EA’s description is more fitting of titles like Destiny 2 and Genshin Impact. Both games emphasize narrative content and large worlds in addition to constant updates.

Destiny 3 Bungie Survey
Destiny 2 Is Still Being Updated Nearly Seven Years Later

EA states that player needs can change over time, so it is still open to other options. However, with microtransactions becoming more popular in AAA games, the publisher’s decision is not too surprising.

Still, fans are not too fond of excessive microtransactions. With games now priced at $70, overpriced cosmetics and purchases are becoming increasingly hard to swallow, with fans often expressing frustration over such tactics.

Fortunately, EA is also making single-player games. Respawn Entertainment’s Star Wars Jedi series is moving forward with a third entry, while BioWare is working on Mass Effect and Dragon Age titles.

The publisher does not seem to be moving away from single-player experiences altogether, though future live service success could certainly push it in this direction.

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